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Activities took place right across the UK for Safer Internet Day 2017 to promote the safe and positive use of technology. 

This is a list of organisations who have registered to share what they are doing in support of Safer Internet Day. 


Total Safer Internet Day Supporters

  • 1,177
  • 119
  • 158
  • 57
  • 31
  • 103
  • Meadgate Primary School Assemblies, e-safety sessions in lessons during the half term, e-safety training for staff across the academy trust, e-safety parent workshop, digital parenting magazine sent home.
  • CCEA CCEA is delighted to support Safer Internet Day. We've created a short video to highlight the range of online resources that have been developed to help students stay safe online.
  • St Martins school We will have an assembly to mark the pupils aware of the positives and negatives of web use. Awareness will be the focus.
  • Afon Taf High School All week, pupils will be having e-Safety lessons in ICT as well as during registration. There will also be updated advice and guidance on the school website for parents and carers.
  • Beta Foster Care We will be ensuring that all of our foster carers are fully aware of how they can monitor and advise young people that are placed with them in order to keep them safe.
  • Gigabyte IT Solutions (St Helena Island) Gigabyte IT Solutions will be celebrating SID by promoting and educating younger people on St Helena Island via our Social Media platforms, website and by talking to youngsters.
  • Yahoo Hen Felin YsyolHen Felin will be taking part in a collaborative project with other schools in CSC. The project involves Responsable Digital Citizens from 5 schools presenting at the Senydd on sid
  • The 3 o'clock club The 3 o'Clock Club will be posting online safety tips on our social media pages.
  • St. Cuthbert's RC High School We will be promoting Safer Internet Day throughout the school with activities, Tweets, Facebook posts and posters.
  • Halton Housing Trust Halton Housing Trust are encouraging customers and staff to get involved with Safer Internet Day, by sharing their safety hints and tips on internet safety and having a go at Emoji Charades.
  • St Thomas Becket Catholic Primary SChool We will be creating images that show positive, united, confident classes. We will be considering the use of images and how they can affect us in a negative way.
  • The Mix We'll be empowering people to take ownership of the internet by making it a positive space. We’ll support this with internet safety and cyber-bullying content from The Mix.
  • Guston CE Primary School We will having workshops and lessons around safe images and behaviour online.
  • Integra South Gloucestershire We have provided a Safer Internet Day newsletter and online safety scheme of work to support primary schools with teaching children to keep safe online.
  • Nickelodeon Nickelodeon supports Safer Internet Day, check out the Scoop for Safer Internet Day on-air bulletins and see if you can get top mark on the Jordan and Perri quiz. Visit our website for more information. Stay safe.
  • MPCT We will be having a lesson on Safer use of the internet to replace our Morning Parade.
  • Lady Eleanor Holles Junior School Assembly created by our year 6 pupils and posters created by pupils
  • Wiltshire College, Lackham We have created an interactive display in our common room for students to learn more about being safe online, including quizzes and asking them to make a pledge about how they will stay safe online.
  • RADAR NI We will be supporting #SID2017 via Social media
  • Bishop's Stortford College Our new Digital Leaders team will be preparing materials for Safety Internet Day assemblies.
  • New College School New College School promotes safe and responsible use of the internet. On Safer Internet Day we will be starting the day with a thought provoking assembly followed by activities within lessons.
  • Blackpool FC We will be sending out a group email to all coaches, parents and carers within the football club's academy, which gives links to information provided by your organisation.
  • Zest - The Print People We will promote internet safety and encourage safe browsing to all our staff and clients.
  • Christopher Rawlins Primary School Whole school assembly. activities in each class from foundation to year 6. Design a logo competition for display on all wallpaper on school devices.
  • Turnfurlong Junior School At TJS we are always promoting safer use of the internet to both our pupils and parents and will be sharing information via computing lessons, website and newsletters.
  • Paces Paces is organising a series of digital safety training sessions for staff and parents run by the Family Fund
  • Slade Primary School We will be having workshops, assemblies and parents will be joining for an awareness meeting.
  • Whinstone Primary School We are going to do our own research on favourite tech from nursery to year 6, we'll use the Safer Internet Day resources to take photos like 'thinking outside of the frame', assemblies....
  • Cavalry Primary School We will be running a Safer Internet Week in school from Nursery to Year 6, looking at how to stay safe on the internet, as well as what to do if something happens to you online that you don't like.
  • West Mercia Police West Mercia Police will be raising awareness of the importance of safe internet use among teenagers.