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Activities took place right across the UK for Safer Internet Day 2017 to promote the safe and positive use of technology. 

This is a list of organisations who have registered to share what they are doing in support of Safer Internet Day. 


Total Safer Internet Day Supporters

  • 1,177
  • 119
  • 158
  • 57
  • 31
  • 103
  • Sandy Hill Academy Sandy Hill will be marking the day with assemblies and activities around the theme of staying safe while online. The school will also commence a series of age-appropriate lessons across classes.
  • Bransgore Primary School Promoting the safe and responsible use of technology and how to identify and report concerns with all our learners.
  • The Dingle Primary School We are holding KS1 and KS2 assemblies, completing activities/games/competitions in our lessons.
  • Keep Children Safe Online We will be promoting #SID2017 across our social media channels helping to build a safer internet for the next generation.
  • Oakfield Primary Academy We will be promoting internet safety through the week, in partnership with our digital leaders.
  • Whitegrove Primary School Assembly to introduce the day to the children and age specific activities to see how we can work together to make the internet a better place for everyone.
  • Our Lady and Saint Hubert's Primary School We will have a Safer Internet Day Assembly, Safer Internet Lessons, Internet use online survey, Internet use family agreements, Internet photo booth and E-safety blogging
  • Alfriston School We will be blogging and holding an assembly. Safer Internet Day will also be discussed in Student Council.
  • Warwickshire ICT Development Service Warwickshire ICTDS are running their annual SID competition for primary school pupils in Warwickshire and Coventry. Schools will produce an animated film addressing the SID theme for 2017.
  • Normanby Primary School Normanby Primary School are taking part in many different activities that promote good digital citizenship and empower pupils to leave a clean digital footprint.
  • Dundee Academy of Sport We will be using our website, social media channels and learning through sport sessions with partner schools to increase awareness and understanding of how to stay safe online.
  • Priory Academy We are running an e-safety week for Year 5-9, holding competitions and information revolving around raising e-safety awareness throughout the week.
  • Glengormley High School Classes have been completing the quick activities and taking part in group discussions
  • Holy Trinity Primary School and Nursery To support Safer Internet Day we will be holding Year Group assemblies, followed by a morning of activities linked to using the internet in a safe way. Posters and leaflets will be created.
  • Bemerton st John Primary school From Foundation stage to Year 6 we will be taking part in activities to recognise SID 2017. There will be a whole school assembly and Parents information evening.
  • Cavalry Primary School We will be running a Safer Internet Week in school from Nursery to Year 6, looking at how to stay safe on the internet, as well as what to do if something happens to you online that you don't like.
  • The King Alfred School For Safer Internet Day we will have sessions in tutor time and PSHCE, highlighting in assemblies, IT lesson focus for Key Stage 3, and will be using it to launch application process for Digital Leaders
  • Devrek Hamidiye Anadolu Lisesi On Safer İnternet Day we will be giving students a conference on using how to use internet in a safe way.
  • Claremont Primary School We will be having a week of activities based around this year's theme across the school, including revisiting our online safety rules. There will be workshops for our parents too.
  • Ysgol Glan Gele We will be creating new interactive wall displays for the children to learn how to be safer on the internet.
  • Zinc Zinc will be supporting Safer Internet Day through art and education, holding a full day workshop that involves informational videos, role-playing, quizzes, photography, social media interaction and more!
  • Central Devon Academy We will be discussing in classes the importance of being safe online.
  • Crosfields School Pupils will be taking the Childnet Quiz to test their understanding of the SMART rules and doing age specific activities as well as participating in classroom discussion.
  • Holy Cross High School We want our pupils to enjoy the benefits of the internet yet have the skills and resilience to avoid its pitfalls.
  • Barley Mow Primary School All of the children will participate in activities to teach them about Internet Safety. Parents have been invited to an information session to help them safeguard their children using the internet.
  • Devon Safeguarding Children Board We will be raising awareness about how to keep children and young people safe online.
  • Redbridge college visual display, posters and qr code displays to access videos, complete quizzes, do crosswords all related to the day
  • The St Philip Howard Catholic High School We will be sharing information in assemblies and during tutor time.
  • The Bishop Harvry Goodwin School We will be teaching online safety to all our pupils from year one to year six
  • Sandford Hill Primary School We will be hosting school assemblies and all year groups will be taking part in cross-curricular activities to promote Safer Internet Day, including writing, drawing and creating videos!