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Activities took place right across the UK for Safer Internet Day 2017 to promote the safe and positive use of technology. 

This is a list of organisations who have registered to share what they are doing in support of Safer Internet Day. 


Total Safer Internet Day Supporters

  • 1,111
  • 107
  • 141
  • 52
  • 31
  • 92
  • Walton Oak School Focused class-based work on knowing who you are talking to online, being careful and respectful online and knowing what to do if you see something you don't like online.
  • GDST We will raise awareness in the office by joining the #giveasmille campaign and also support schools across our network who are doing great work in the area of internet safety.
  • Wiltshire College A stand/display with our Learning Technologies Team and our IT Students giving lots of helpful and useful information on how to keep safe online.
  • YMCA Scarborough We will work with our youth club and use our social media channels to promote Safer Internet use.
  • charles Saer Primary School We have planned lesson about Internet Safety, discussion on tips for staying safe online, posters about internet safety, yearly quizzes about staying safe online and regular information clips shown
  • St.Francis Primary School Police Scotland coming along on 7th Feb to deliver a lesson to our P7 children along with their parents. Followed by a question and answer session for our parents.
  • Fischy Music Fischy Music produces songs to support health and well-being in primary-aged children. We've created a new song called 'Check Yourself' to help children think carefully about what they post online!
  • St. Cadoc's Catholic Primary School Our school is going to educate pupils about being safe on the internet, including hacking, scamming, viruses and what to look at. We are looking forward to SID2017
  • Ridgeway Infant School All of our reception, yr 1 and 2 classes will be having an assembly to discuss ways we use the internet. We'll then use the SID resources to complete activities in the classroom.
  • Liverpool Progressive School (Embrace Group) The children & staff at Liverpool Progressive School will complete session based on how to Stay Safe online. We will also create a poster about Safer Internet Day.
  • St Oswald's C.E. Infant school Celebrating in collective worship, using stories and scenarios in class to get the message across about staying safe on the internet. Sharing information with parents.
  • Thomas's Fulham We will be having a SID assembly, followed by lots of the children doing activities in which they practise or discuss being safe on the Internet.
  • Kirk Hallam Community Academy Classes across KS3 Computing lessons about Safer Internet Day.
  • Shackleton Primary School We hosted an Online Safety play for schools in the local area, "In the Net". We're holding assemblies, running updates on Facebook for parents, and a school council Online safety competition.
  • Pearson TQ Building on the Childnet visit our students at the Army Foundation College are participating in a meme competition, video booth, short film competition and a variety of classroom activities.
  • George Fentham Endowed School We will be celebrating 'Safer Internet Day' with a whole school assembly, followed by activities, competitions & research in each class from Nursery to Year 6! BE SAFE!
  • Duke Street Primary, Chorley 2 assemblies- ks1 and ks2. Posters and follow up activities after assembly. Launch Digital Ambassador Roles to the children- what they are and will do? How to apply.Staff update, Parent drop in
  • Uplands Community College We will have assemblies, tailored lessons and will be designing emoticons.
  • Cornerways Fostering Services Cornerways Fostering will be continuing to share information with our foster carers and young people about how to stay safe online via our newsletters, website and other communications.
  • Whitestone Infant school The children will be asked to take selfies with props which they have made related to Safer Internet Day. Online safety team will be showing their puppet play scenario in assembly. We will also have a poster competition.
  • Leigham Primary School Whole school assembly with follow-up activities in each class after.
  • Lincolnshire Police - Skegness Neighbourhood Policing Team. We are taking part in the thunderclap. On the day we are holding a number of engagement events in Skegness and will be tweeting for 24 hour promoting internet safety.
  • Westfield Primary Community School We will be having special visitor assemblies, class and whole school activities, competitions and family ICT Treasure Hunts!
  • Guston CE Primary School We will having workshops and lessons around safe images and behaviour online.
  • Scholar Green Primary School Scholar Green Primary School are proud supporters of Safer Internet Day. We will be delivering assembilies to raise awareness of staying safe online. All classes will have online safety lessons and activities planned throughout the week and we will also be having a poster competition!
  • Thomas Buxton Primary School We will be joining in the #giveasmile campaign and taking part in lessons to promote our understanding of how to use the internet safely.
  • Department for Culture, Media and Sport DCMS is proud to be supporting Safer Internet Day again this year - we'll be using our social media channels to share useful advice for parents, teachers, carers and young people.
  • Meoncross School We will be engaging with the event through a variety of activities during form time throughout the school as well as holding assemblies and electronically sending a pack home to support parents in raising awareness at home too.
  • MyPocketSkill MyPocketSkill will be promoting Safer Internet Day on our website and shouting out to our users on email updates and social media .
  • Flashing Lights Media Making the SIDTV videos fully accessible in BSL format.