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Activities took place right across the UK for Safer Internet Day 2017 to promote the safe and positive use of technology. 

This is a list of organisations who have registered to share what they are doing in support of Safer Internet Day. 


Total Safer Internet Day Supporters

  • 1,177
  • 119
  • 158
  • 57
  • 31
  • 103
  • Chantlers Primary School Presentations, power points, short films, activities, games, quiz's.
  • Hartland Primary School We will be celebrating Safer Internet Day with many educational activities during assemblies, whole class and group sessions. Raising awareness on how to stay safe whilst online.
  • Crestwood School and 6th Form We are producing a promo/information video using students as actors that will be designed to make students aware of the dangers of posting irresponsible messages (personal details, extreme views etc)
  • Everton Football Club Everton Football Club will be working with the community and stakeholders to promote Safer Internet Day including how to stay safe online.
  • Shout Spark & Go We will be attending the training courses and sharing the information provided on the #SID2017 pages via our website and social media.
  • Stradbroke Primary School Stradbroke Primary School is bringing safer internet discussion into its Philosophy For Children sessions across the school, as well as dedicated e-safety lessons for each class across the school.
  • Smoothwall We will be turning Safer Internet Day into Safer Internet Week by visiting schools around the country and holding assemblies, to help educate children and staff on how to ensure they stay safe online.
  • Fulham College Boys and Fulham Enterprise Studio KS3 students taking pictures in lessons to produce a collage in their subsequent ICT lesson. Using questions asked by teachers to help them to select appropriate images. Whole competition as well.
  • Post Office Post Office is proud to celebrate Safer Internet Day . We will promote and raise awareness for a better internet on the Post Office 'One' site, accessible to our people, and also on social media.
  • Bracken Leas Primary School For Safer Internet Day we will have in school workshops with our Safeguarding Governor
  • Vivo We will promote Safer Internet Day to over 500,000 young people and over 40,000 teachers connected with Vivo. We will also contribute relevant materials to teach our audiences about internet safety.
  • Garstang Community Primary School We will be doing a whole school event on the day and will be running a week of online safety lessons.
  • St Illtyd Primary School We will raise awareness of e-safety and digital citizenship through a wide range of activities and events in school.
  • Bishop Wilson C of E primary school Having a whole school assembly about using the internet safely and having completing work to be displayed
  • Feniscowles Primary School In Key Stage 1, our pupils will think about being good digital citizens. In Key Stage 2, we will be investigating the benefits and dangers of social media.
  • Ridgeway Primary Academy We will be raising awareness with children across the school about staying safe online.
  • Springwell Community College We are teaching and reminding the students and parents on how to stay safe on the internet. We will educating them on how positive their digital footprint is and the importance of privacy setting.
  • Sancton Wood School Sancton Wood School will be supporting Safer Internet Day across our Prep & Upper School with a number of assemblies and workshops held throughout the day.
  • Whitehouse Common Primary School We have held an online safety poster competition have made some stickers for all children to take home and will be holding a special assembly.
  • Magikos IT Limited During the weeks leading up to the event we will be including in meetings, networking and social media information regarding the website and resources available to everyone. Be Safe and Have Fun...
  • Middlesbrough Football Club We will promote in the Family Zone at our game v Everton on 11.02.2017 the importance of being safe when on the internet by handing out leaflets to educate our young supporters and parents.
  • Le VPN The Le VPN team will be publishing and promoting a series of articles and infographics on internet security with tips on safer internet use, that will be published in Le VPN blog and across social media
  • Fosse Way Academy Our Digital Leaders will be running an assembly, acting a short play to the theme of ‘Seeing is not always believing’. We are asking all the children to create their own emoji for a school photo.
  • Maylandsea Primary School To support Safer Internet Day we will have a school assembly and different activities during the day.
  • Bournemouth Libraries All the staff and public computers in our 12 libraries will have the SID2017 posters displayed as desktop wallpaper from 4-11 February and some libraries will be hosting SID2017 parent/children quizzes
  • The Victory Academy We will have an assembly for all year groups, Yr7 drawing competition, upload information to website, Newsletter
  • Wroxton Primary School On SID we will be reviewing the importance of e-safety and producing collaborative pieces of work.
  • Westward Housing Group Continue to support our customers to move to digital services, but to do so safely.
  • The Ferns Primary Academy The whole school will be reinforcing our existing practices regarding our pupils' safety online through a range of workshops and sharing activities. All celebrating SID 2017 together!
  • Children in Wales Sharing resources on the Children in Wales website to raise awareness and attending the Safer Internet Day event at the Senedd, Cardiff Bay