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Over a thousand organisations right across the UK played their part for a better internet on Safer Internet Day 2016.   

Thank you to everyone who has helped to make Safer Internet Day 2016 the biggest one yet! 

Total Safer Internet Day Supporters

  • 757
  • 86
  • 112
  • 42
  • 25
  • 117
  • Mountford Manor At Mountford Manor, we will be using assemblies, work from our E-Champions and discussions in class to spread the message.
  • Technewbies Technewbies is a service for people with no previous experience of computers. As part of Safer Internet Day I hope to plan an informal workshop to discuss safe computer use, and offer tips and advice.
  • Southway Primary The school will have assemblies to promote safer internet use and 'stranger danger' linked to internet communication. There will also be discussions/activities in classes.
  • St Luke's CEVA Primary School All pupils and staff will be learning and growing on Safer Internet Day 2016.
  • Lodge Park Academy In support of SID Lodge Park Academy we be having year group assemblies and form time activities.
  • Sheffield Wednesday FC We will be working with the Local Authority, schools and the Sheffield Wednesday Community Trust to promote activities and learning. Main channels of publicity will be through Club Website, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Hob Green Primary School At Hob Green, we are committed to promoting internet safety for all of our children. Throughout the week, pupils will participate in a range of practical activities aimed at keeping them safe online.
  • Rough Hay Primary Academy The day will marked across school with e-safety lessons, performances and games.
  • Nyland Primary School At Nyland we will be using class discussions and a school assembly to spread the SMART safety message.
  • Yoti We'll be showing our support by sharing content around the topics of Stranger Danger and the need for creating a trusted online environment. We'll also be spreading the word through social media.
  • Woodland View Junior School We will be taking part in a Safer Internet Day assembly, having an internet safety lesson and designing posters to emphasise the main points.
  • Whitehouse Common Primary School Children will be watching ThinkUKnow videos and thinking about how to stay safe online.
  • Education Links In support of SID, we have been having class discussions based on scenarios and asking the students to debate if the content is appropriate or inappropriate. We are looking to create some online safety videos.
  • Strode College Strode College works hard to safeguard all our students and we will be promoting Safer Internet Day through student tutorials and displays around campus.
  • Jewish Interactive We will be running various e-safety sessions throughout the week of SID 2016, helping and encouraging schools and their students to understand how to be safer in the online world.
  • New College School New College School promotes safe and responsible use of the internet. On Safer Internet Day we will be starting the day with a thought provoking assembly followed by activities within all lessons.
  • Sherrier Church of England Primary Schoo All children across the school will be thinking about how they can stay safe online and how such an amazing resource should be used freely and without fear of hurt, danger or intimidation.
  • St. Dunstan's College Throughout the week we will be collapsing the timetable to have session about safe internet use. We will also be running a workshop to help parents keep their children safe.
  • Sunbury Manor School Students will be creating infographics, writing stories, creating musical compositions, acting in plays, viewing social media stats and discussing them. All year groups will also have assemblies.
  • Priory School Priory School will be offering advice, support and guidance workshops for parents/guardians to ensure that we are all working together to create a safe online community for the students.
  • Dame Ellen Pinsent School We shall be supporting Safer Internet Day by holding a special assembly, carrying out a variety of lessons and creating content to embed the ideas shared throughout the day.
  • Winsham Primary School We will be celebrating Safer Internet Day by designing e-safety posters, the children are learning a "RAP" about internet safety and hosting a parent celebration assembly.
  • CT Skills We will be supporting Safer Internet Day 2016 across our website, social media and in our training centres. We aim to provide awareness of e-safety and staying safe online.
  • St Columban's College All students will participate in online safety quiz, we will send internet safety information leaflets to parents, have internet safety displays, a poster competition and an internet safety presentation running in school foyer.
  • NSPCC Child Protection in Sport Unit The CPSU will be updating all online safety information on the website and hosting a webinar on keeping children in sports safe online.
  • Burton End Primary Academy At Burton End we will be celebrating SID by sharing a whole school assembly. Our children will be creating a display using hearts sharing their ideas of how we promote respect and kindness online.
  • Techknowledge for Schools We will be supporting Safer Internet Day by promoting it on our website, social media channels and newsletter. We will also share resources on e-safety with our audience of teachers & parents.
  • Colegrave Primary School Pupils will be taking part in a range of activities promoting online safety and we will be giving away six Amazon Kindle Fire tablets as prizes for the best contributions on the day!
  • Feversham College We will be celebrating Safer Internet Day by holding a whole school activity at tutor time to explain the key issues surrounding internet safety. We will continue with activities throughout the week.
  • Hawkesbury Primary School We will be visited by our local Police team. Infants will learn about stranger danger; juniors will look at wider e-safety issues, our Acceptable Use Policy, e-safety films and Share a Heart activity.