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Over a thousand organisations right across the UK played their part for a better internet on Safer Internet Day 2016.   

Thank you to everyone who has helped to make Safer Internet Day 2016 the biggest one yet! 

Total Safer Internet Day Supporters

  • 757
  • 86
  • 112
  • 42
  • 25
  • 117
  • Plasmarl Primary School We will be sharing the Safer Internet Day message with the school through assemblies, lessons and by joining the SID Thunderclap. We will be tweeting our events and using the website to spread the message.
  • Feniscowles Primary School We will be using some of the Safernet and Childnet resources to make children aware of internet safety in order to make children aware of keeping safe in a fun and interactive way.
  • Warwickshire Police Warwickshire Police will be marking Safer Internet Day by raising awareness of cyber crime through education, media and social media and highlighting the ways in which people can protect themselves.
  • Lympstone C of E Primary School We will hold an assembly based on the theme and run activities across the school.
  • St Chad's Catholic & Church of England High School St Chad's will be continuing to promote e-safety in our school during e-safety week. We have created a #shareaheart video and will be doing an e-safety photo shoot during Safer Internet Day.
  • The Department for Culture, Media and Sport The Department for Culture, Media and Sport, along with the rest of Government, is proud to support Safer Internet Day and to play our part for a better internet.
  • Woodslee Primary School We will support SID by having an assembly and various classroom activities.
  • Holly Lodge Primary School Holly Lodge will celebrate Safer Internet Day in our community by holding a parent and carer workshop, whole school assembly and in class activities.
  • The Streetly Academy We are running a series of activities for students, in IT/CS lessons and as extra-curricular activities.
  • Epic CIC We will support Safer Internet Day via promotions on our website, internal/external newsletters, actively engaging with #SID2016 & sending publicity info out to all 10 sites informing them of SID and how young people can be safe online.
  • Holy Family Primary School We are looking to have whole school assemblies and workshops. Three members of staff have had CEOP training and will share with parents, pupils and staff. We will also have lessons with our partner school.
  • Circle IT We will be promoting the Safer Internet Day messages across our Website and Social Media.
  • WatchGuard Technologies Inc We are celebrating Safer Internet Day by doing a talk at a local school- we will be using social media to encourage safe Internet use and safe Internet protection.
  • Castercliff Primary Academy We are completing different activities within our school and feeding back to parents. We are hoping to have a member of the police force in school to inform parents about the dangers of the Internet.
  • Northfield Manor Primary Academy All classes will be supporting and actively being involved on the day. Please check out our twitter feed for more information on the day, to see what we got up to.
  • Oxfordshire County Council Anti-Bullying Strategy Running a competition for young people; launching this year's OCC Cybersafety survey with individual links for schools; providing training and resources for schools, media campaign to promote the day.
  • AVG Technologies AVG will be teaming up with the Scouts to support the Smart User Initiative’s #tk6 mission – encouraging kids to take six seconds to think before they post online.
  • Wildern School We are supporting 'Safer Internet Day' by sharing content and resource links on our e-safety blog. We will also be hosting a competition and will teach an e-safety lesson to all age groups.
  • Sandford Hill Teacher Our School Council are leading an assembly. All classes will be completing lessons based on e-safety and blogging about e safety. We are also holding an e-Safety workshop for parents after school.
  • St Matthew's C of E Primary School We are having a special assembly and will be learning about online safety in our lessons. To help us measure the impact, we will be holding a competition for the most informative leaflet.
  • West Sussex County Council We will be encouraging everyone to play their part for a better internet & supporting our communities to stay safe whilst making the most of the positive opportunities being online has to offer.
  • North Tyneside City Learning Centre We will be running a number of sessions in our local schools to raise awareness with parents and young people of how they can be more digitally confident and contribute to a positive online world.
  • Advertising Standards Authority We will support SID 2016 by raising awareness via social media and our website of the strict rules for online advertising and our role in protecting children from inappropriate and/or harmful content.
  • Lindfield Primary Academy We will have Key Stage assemblies to promote Safer Internet Day. We will publicise Safer Internet Day with parents. We will hold class based activities.
  • Grove Junior School We will be celebrating Safer Internet day with a range of whole school activities and an assembly.
  • Schools Broadband We will be working with local schools on the social media " share a heart" campaign, asking schools to tweet the most unusual heart-shaped object they can find!
  • Impero Impero will be supporting SID 2016 by blogging, tweeting, posting and sharing a range of handy resources to help parents, teachers and young people stay safe online.
  • School News Group Promotion and support through our social media and through our magazine with advice about staying safe and links to safer internet day. Generating and sharing discussions on social media.
  • Nelson Primary School The launch of an online platform will help further educate children and families in online safety. We will continue to run various activities to raise awareness of online safety throughout Nelson.
  • Outstream Consulting We will present to and visit schools regarding online safety, safeguarding, and the Self Review Framework, engaging school leaders, and stakeholders in assuring safe learning environments for pupils.