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Over a thousand organisations right across the UK played their part for a better internet on Safer Internet Day 2016.   

Thank you to everyone who has helped to make Safer Internet Day 2016 the biggest one yet! 

Total Safer Internet Day Supporters

  • 757
  • 86
  • 112
  • 42
  • 25
  • 117
  • St. Edward's Catholic Primary School St. Edward's will be celebrating Safer Internet with special activities throughout the day. We'll be holding briefings for parents too!
  • Roberta Blackman Woods MP I will be celebrating Safer Internet Day by getting in touch with my constituents to give them advice on how to use the internet safely!
  • Wensley Fold Primary Academy The children will take part in various activities including creating keep safe posters, leaflets and how to guides.The children will also create a video to help warn children of the dangers online.
  • Limitless Nation Limitless Nation will be holding a video gaming livestream on Safer Internet Day at 4pm. We'll discuss the importance of internet safety, whilst having a lot of fun.
  • Fife Community Safety Partnership Fife is marking SID 2016 by showcasing work happening across our region to help people feel safe and confident, through improved digital participation, risk awareness and safe use of new technology.
  • St. Stephen's Junior School, Canterbury Each of the four year groups will be highlighting and exploring different areas and ways of keeping safe online and will be presenting their ideas and films to the rest of the school.
  • Rising Stars We will be raising awareness of internet safety by giving away a FREE e-safety poster for schools to download. We will also be raising awareness of internet safety via Twitter and our blog!
  • St Michael & St John's School We will have a parents info session to give support & guidance on keeping children safe on the internet. We wil also run activities to help keep the children safe on the internet & to discuss issues surrounding online bullying.
  • Wallacestone Primary School In support of Safer Internet Day, Wallacestone will be using the SID lesson plans across the school and encouraging pupils to share this learning with parents at home.
  • Fullhurst Community College Safer Internet Day is our assembly theme the week beginning 1st February. All week we will have activities around this theme in school, including assemblies and follow up lessons in tutor periods.
  • Bitz 'n' PC'z Ltd We will be celebrating SID 2016 by helping schools stay safe online. We will also send supporting tweets and post helpful advice on our Facebook page.
  • Access Training (East Midlands) Ltd We will be promoting the safe use of the internet through sharing information with our learners. A flipped learning resources will be provided to all learners about safe internet usage.
  • TeachMeIT My classes regularly include an internet/password security session and I intend to raise this important aspect of computer awareness even further that day with tweets and posts.
  • Boxgrove C.E.P School With our locality we have organised SID workshop with an e-safety advisor, a staff training and a parent meeting. We are involved with SID locality competition and have planned e-safety lessons in school.
  • Tunbridge Wells Girls' Grammar School Safer Internet Day will be promoted by us via posters, on our intranet site and website. We will hold assemblies and send out information to parents/carers.
  • Hazel Oak School We will be educating our students on the dangers of social media and to make the internet a safer medium for them to use.
  • St. Mary's, Limavady We will have a ahole school assembly plus activity in IT classes during the day.
  • St. Gregory's Catholic Primary School We will be running a range of activities to support the event including: Assembly, Classroom activities & Training for staff and parents. Launching a Campaign on how to build a “Positive Digital Footprint.”
  • Drongan Primary School I will be using a variety of resources throughout the week to teach pupils from 5 years to 11 years about keeping themselves safe online.
  • Kirklees Libraries Kirklees libraries will be promoting our Kirklees Awareness of Online Safety (KAOS) resources to library users during the week of February 8. We will support this through our social media channels.
  • The St Philip Howard Catholic High School We shall use SID2016 materials in tutor time, share materials with parents in an online safety newsletter and hold a discussion evening. A sponsored "24 hours without Social Media" challenge will run.
  • ICT Curriculum Team We are supporting all schools in Swansea to celebrate Safer Internet Day and to get involved!
  • Plymouth High School for Girls An Instagram photo booth will be set up in the canteen. Students and Staff will be invited to write how they can play their part for a better internet and pose for a photo with their idea.
  • Colney Heath School Each class will be having focussed esafety sessions throughout the day. Parents will be involved and provided with information to support e-safety at home.
  • Birchfields Primary School In school, we will be carrying out various activities related to Safer Internet Day from Foundation Stage to Year 6, as well as a school assembly and parent drop in session about online safety.
  • 3aaa Sheffield We'll be discussing online profiles, maintaining a good reputation and ensuring safe & secure accounts to ensure no issues with inappropriate privacy settings
  • Ofsted Ofsted supports Safer Internet Day.
  • St Matthew's C of E Primary School We are having a special assembly and will be learning about online safety in our lessons. To help us measure the impact, we will be holding a competition for the most informative leaflet.
  • Samsung Samsung are supporting Safer Internet Day by spreading the message online; making sure parents have the know how to make their phones, tablets and devices safer for their kids to use.
  • Botanic Primary School, Belfast We are holding an e-Safety afternoon for parents on 8th February. Pupils will take part in an e-Safety workshop on this afternoon. We are also holding an e-Safety poster competition.