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Over a thousand organisations right across the UK played their part for a better internet on Safer Internet Day 2016.   

Thank you to everyone who has helped to make Safer Internet Day 2016 the biggest one yet! 

Total Safer Internet Day Supporters

  • 757
  • 86
  • 112
  • 42
  • 25
  • 117
  • Montem Primary School Singing our way to celebration - we shall have the whole school engaged in making the Internet a safer place. Parents will come to our assembly to give their support!
  • Plascrug Community School Each class in the whole school will be focusing on Internet safety and we will have a visit from the Police Liaison Officer.
  • St Mary's Primary School We are going to #shareaheart and will be celebrating Safer Internat Day in assembly.
  • Southampton City College We are going to support Safer Internet Day by setting up a stall in the main building of our college with games and a social media surgery, where students can identify gaps in their privacy settings.
  • YouthNet YouthNet will be focusing its support for young people on internet safety by promoting content and discussions around cyber bullying, staying protected and using anonymity for good.
  • The Streetly Academy We are running a series of activities for students, in IT/CS lessons and as extra-curricular activities.
  • St. Catherine's Catholic Primary School We will have an assembly focused on online safety to highlight the key issues. We will roll out our updated 'Online Safety Policy' and 'Pupil User Agreement', using computing lessons to deliver this.
  • St Anthony's School We shall hold a school assembly focusing on Internet Safety with a focus on 'Who is a friend' so that pupils can understand the difference between a real friend and an Internet only friend.
  • South Wilford Endowed CE Primary School We are going to provide opportunities for our children and parents to discuss the importance of internet safety at home and at school. We are planning to use the resources provided to support this.
  • Stony Dean School Stony Dean will be celebrating 'Safer Internet Day' by running a number of workshops and assemblies for our pupils. Pupils will also be completing quizzes and various tasks in tutor and GOAL time.
  • Larkswood Academy We will be teaching E safety discreetly and have a whole school focus across that week involving assemblies and displays.
  • Ormiston Rivers Academy To support SID 2016 we will be giving the students the opportunity to learn about how to keep safe when online. We will be delivering this though assemblies for each year group and activities such as competitions, posters and watching videos to broaden their understanding.
  • Shortstown Primary School Each class will have some activities to complete with their teacher. Towards the end of the day parents are invited to join their children to watch an E-team video and to design a poster or do a quiz.
  • Ernehale Juniors We will be holding parent open lessons and assemblies. We also be having a celebration of work done in school as part of our news and media lessons.
  • Glencriag Integrated PS As part of our internet safety work we will be collaborating with other schools and encouraging parents to engage with their children about their online activity.
  • Shakespeare Primary School Staff & children will have E-Safety talks about how to stay safe on-line at home or at a friend's house and who to talk to if they are worried. There will be a whole school assembly on the Friday.
  • United Learning We will be a holding a series of web conference based assemblies to connect schools in the United Learning Group together to discuss how we are all going to play our part for a better internet.
  • Longwick Primary School We will be holding a whole school Safer Internet Day assembly!
  • Ashcombe Primary School We will be engaging in a number of age appropriate activities to promote safe and responsible online use by children such as role play, blogging, posters and a school assembly.
  • Derbyshire Constabulary In support of Safer Internet Day, we will be sharing online safety advice through our social media accounts. We will also be hosting a dedicated Q&A session via our @DigitalPCSO Twitter account.
  • Pentland Primary School An expert will work with Year 5/6 children on different activities e.g. drama, raps and poems about E-safety. In the afternoon the parents will join in the assembly and the children will share.
  • Teversham CofE Primary School We will be having a whole school focus which will include use of our learning platform, carefully planned, age-appropriate lessons, assemblies and information for parents.
  • Excite-ed CIC We support SID by running Growing Up Online family workshops in schools to help people focus on the contact they have, the content they see and their conduct towards others.
  • O2 O2 is proud to support Safer Internet Day through workshops in schools across the UK and issuing online resources for teachers. We will also promote SID through the O2 & NSPCC Online Safety helpline.
  • Waterloo Primary We will be having special assemblies for parents and pupils and a range of class activities linked to safe use of the internet as recommended by UK Safer Internet Centre.
  • The Schools at Somerhill Ensuring that whole school assemblies, PSHE and computing lessons raise awareness of Safer Internet Day.
  • The Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School As a school we will be following the lesson plans from the UK Safer Internet Centre website. Also using some of the Think you know resources.
  • RM Education RM Education is supporting SID 2016 by blogging, tweeting and promoting the day on our website. We will be producing a SID poster as well as holding SID sessions for staff across the UK.
  • St Gregory's Catholic Academy St Gregory's Catholic Academy supports Safer Internet Day by educating its pupils on how to be a responsible digital citizen. This year we are designing our own E-Safety Posters.
  • SPIRITULIZED We will be providing opportunities for young people to learn about how to use the internet safely and promoting awareness amongst parents.