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Safer Internet Day 2021 Supporters

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Total Safer Internet Day Supporters

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  • Monega Primary School There will be a competition to create a presentation giving top tips for staying safe online and good habits when remote learning.
  • Coedcae School Our plan are very fluid at the moment as they will change along with learn from home rules. We will be utilising the education packs.
  • Upton Hall School FCJ We will celebrate Safer Internet Day with a special newsletter which will be sent to all pupils, parents and staff. Pupils will also take part in an internet safety quiz.
  • Stanborough Primary School An assembly and a series of workshops and activities for all pupils from Nursery - Year 6.
  • St John Evangelist School We will be promoting safer internet day by holding classes on internet safety across KS1 and KS2. We will then be getting together (over Zoom) and holding assemblies hosted by Kate Russel.
  • Happy Days Nursery As a nursery we are going to read Digiduck's Big Decision and Chicken Clicking , we are going to be asking children questions about the use of technology at home and providing our parents with info.
  • St. Margaret's C.E. Junior School We will be dedicating the day to 'Online Safety' for pupils working at home and in school. Looking at the reliability of information online and how we can keep ourselves safe.
  • Stretton CE Academy Share assembly (in school & online) to introduce Safer Internet Day. Y6 children are learning how to spot fake news and will share tips to FACT check. Stretton Superhero will set e-safety challenges.
  • The Trafalgar School at Downton We are encouraging students to reflect on how to verify the information they encounter on the Internet is genuine by giving them age appropriate top tips.
  • St Malachy’s PS Kilclief Whole School Zoom Assembly!
  • Bolton Schools ICT Supporting our schools with their safer Internet Day projects
  • Ysgol Pum Heol Online activities with children and discussing online safety rules.
  • Unity Community Primary School We are looking at misinformation on the internet in school and pledging to try and be safe on the internet.
  • Together for Childhood Plymouth Working with all partner agencies to share messages and resources across Plymouth
  • Hodgson Academy We will be completing starter activities and using our social media to promote the day.
  • Ann Craft Trust We are sharing resources about how to stay safe online with our supporters and on social media:
  • YouthLink Scotland We'll be sharing some of our recent resources related to online safety, as well as promoting UKSIC's content and encouraging our members to do likewise.
  • Thornhill Primary School We are using Purple Mash as our platform to celebrate Safer Internet Day, with a day of activities both at home or in our hub school to further children's online safety knowledge.
  • Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College We will mark our commitment to online safety by sharing resources and guidance with students and parents. Teachers will explore connections between their courses and online safety issues over the day.
  • St Michael's School All of our children, those in school and those working from home will be making their pledge. All teachers have plans for their own classes. Big focus on reminding children of their SMART approach
  • St. Patrick’s PS Armagh NI Asking parents, as part of this week’s Online Learning to visit websites, we would usually visit in school time, to listen to stories, watch news items and cartoons then complete related activities.
  • Parkfield Primary School We will be providing a lesson for each year group focusing on how we can identify real information online. We will be launching this with the Safer Internet virtual assembly.
  • Ysgol y Gwernant Asking children to research and complete a safer internet day poster. Complete quiz on Kahoot.
  • Roxbourne Primary School At Roxbourne Primary School we are exploring a variety of activities promoting the Safer Internet Day theme - 'Lets create an internet we trust'. We deserve a safe and trusted internet!
  • Testbourne School We've got a live assembly, online quiz and shared resources.
  • Pennthorpe School Emailing parents info on SID, reminding them of the various resources we have on our website and YouTube channel.
  • Motion Picture Association EMEA MPA is supporting UK education campaigns and film competitions that inspire children to create, whilst encouraging them and their families to get the content they love safely, from genuine sites.
  • Northway Infant School We will be holding a virtual assembly full of fun packed tips on internet safety, working in class to remind ourselves how to stay safe and working with parents to develop digital contracts.
  • Oak Field Primary School We are providing learning opportunities for all the children to find out about, and consider the reliability of what they find on the internet. We are signposting a WISE KIDS workshop for parents.
  • St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School .