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Safer Internet Day 2021 Supporters

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Total Safer Internet Day Supporters

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  • Phoenix Primary School We are holding an Safer Internet Week, with all of our lessons linked to online safety. Raising awareness of self image, online reputation, and especially health and wellbeing.
  • Grange Infant School Each year group will complete activities based on an online safety text such as, 'The Fabulous Friend Machine'.
  • Northway Infant School We will be holding a virtual assembly full of fun packed tips on internet safety, working in class to remind ourselves how to stay safe and working with parents to develop digital contracts.
  • Upperby Primary School We will be doing a whole school set of lessons on the subject.
  • Atherstone Nursery School We will be celebrating 'Safer Internet day' in our school by having an internet safety week where we will be taking part in lots of fun activities and using the resources sourced from our OSBOX.
  • The Manor C of E Primary School We will be completing activities based around different parts of online safety, based on Education for A Connected World. We'll be sharing our learning with our wider school community.
  • Diocese of Rochester At present I (in my role) will be preparing Safer Internet PowerPoint's for 5 local primary schools compiled with information, videos & activities to do to help the strain on the schools.
  • Jack and Jill Family of Schools We will be promoting Safer Internet Day across our three sites with a range of fun and engaging activities for all year groups.
  • St .Pius X College This year SID in St. Pius X college will be more important than ever. We will be encouraging all staff and pupils to refresh their AU Agreements and there will be a focus on well being and technology
  • Helston School Assemblies to each year group, some of which may be virtual, and PHSE activities in tutor time.
  • Drove Primary School Poster competition and character dress up. Virtual assemblies for all classes.
  • Hamilton Academy Children at Hamilton Academy will engage in various activities and have assembly for Safer Internet Day on campaign theme of reliability online.
  • Ditch the Label Ditch the Label is a youth charity that helps young people aged 12-25 navigate the issues that affect them the most. We will be sharing our support guides and signposting to our support community.
  • Robert Gordon's College Safer Internet Day is the highlight of our College's week long Safer Internet Week event. There are competitions, specialist assemblies, eSafety training, debates and more.
  • William Farr School We are following the theme of Safer Internet Day in assemblies and PSME sessions. ICT lessons on the week of 8th February will focus on activities built around internet reliability
  • Uppingham School Can you separate fact from fiction? Deepfake from the real thing? A series of activities and thought-provoking examples to help us question more of what see online.
  • Tiverton School We are a SEN school and we will be celebrating Safer internet Day by doing a variety of ICT activities and by creating posters, banners, a mascot, etc. to show our commitment to Online Safety
  • St. Clare's School Workshops with pupils to deep dive into how they use social media
  • King’s School King’s will be creating Internet Safety PowerPoints and posters, playing esafety games, creating podcasts to teach younger children how to be safe online and internet safety games! Having fun!
  • Castle Primary School As a whole school we will be planning and undertaking a variety of lessons to explore the reliability of the internet.
  • Quay View School For Safer Internet Day 2021 we will be using the education packs and completing the activities throughout the day.
  • Milton Park Primary School We will be online safety activities in school with the children and we will be holding a whole school assembly too.
  • Apps for Good We're thrilled to be supporting Safer Internet Day and will be sharing comms through our social media channels.
  • Appleby Grammar School We will be discussing Safer Internet Day in all of our Life Skills lessons - discussing the issues and making students aware of any dangers and how to themselves, and others, safe.
  • Sir Edward Scott School Living in a rural community, our young people spend more of their time both in and out of school in the digital world, we will use this years campaign to remind and reinforce how to be safe online.
  • AffinityDNA Limited We will be using our websites, email signatures and social media to increase awareness and understanding of how to keep our children safe online.
  • Barmston Village Primary School For Safer Internet Day we will have assemblies and lessons
  • The Victory Academy We will have assembled across our academy delivering knowledge to our students on how they can be safer online and ways in which they can then join in to support there peers
  • Digital Communities Wales Digital Communities Wales is supporting the Welsh Government 'Tackling Misinformation Digital Storytelling Competition' and will be hosting an Online Safety webinar aimed at parents on 9th February.
  • CAMPION SCHOOL We invite guest speakers, we make posters and the children participate in assemblies.