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Safer Internet Day 2021 Supporters

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Total Safer Internet Day Supporters

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  • Directorate of Staff Development Lahore My organization is working on cyber security issues and doing its best to minimize internet issues for security of data.
  • Fife Council We are supporting safer internet day with the school and have created a poster to make the whole school aware of this day.
  • Hallsville Primary School We will have lessons discussing the Internet Safer Day focus. Children will be asked to create curiosity projects
  • Eden Girls School Waltham Forest We are having a safer Internet Day Assembly in the morning form time for each year group (7-11) on separate days (Monday- Friday). We will have safer internet Day poster competitions for KS3 and KS4.
  • Townville Infants' and Nursery School We have sessions planned throughout the week for all children along with a Safer Internet Day whole school assembly.
  • Maltby Manor Academy KS1 competition to design a poster based on the 2021 SID theme. KS2 to design a rhyme, rap or poem based on the 2021 SID theme. All teachers to conduct a SID live lesson.
  • Deyes High School Tweeting Assembly SMSC session Online safety advice competition Resources shared -Twitter, website, parent newsletter and also with local primary schools Updating our remote learning handbook/policy
  • Civic Digits Civic Digits will be sharing facts and useful "how tos" with our audiences on Safer Internet Day, to highlight the importance of, and how to, be safer online.
  • St Catherine of Siena Catholic Primary School We will be holding whole-school, remote learning lessons on the theme of 'Together for a better internet' and educating our pupils on e-safety, especially in relation to home-learning.
  • Childline Gibraltar Raising awareness within the community.
  • Stanley Primary School Our children will look at lots of information around this year's theme and build on their knowledge of how to stay safe. They will also watch a virtual assembly created by one of our Year 2 classes.
  • Our Ladys RC Primary School We are celebrating Safer Internet Day by doing a range of e-safety lessons around this year's theme of reliability online. This will be done in school and at home by our online learners.
  • The Ilsleys Primary School Children in our organisation will be taking part in the Safe to Net competition to develop their understanding of internet safety.
  • Leasingham St Andrew's Primary School All classes will be taking part in Safer Internet activities
  • Hilton Primary Academy At Hilton, we will focus on the theme of reliability online through a variety of in-school and remote learning activities.
  • Westholme School Our Digital Leaders will lead live online lessons with Year 5, 6 and 7. Meanwhile, all students will complete quizzes and activities in online live form time.
  • Coedcae School Our plan are very fluid at the moment as they will change along with learn from home rules. We will be utilising the education packs.
  • Saint Joseph's Catholic Primary School We at Saint Joseph's are very excited to take part in the Safer Internet Day. We will have a fun packed day with different activities performed by all the classes in the school.
  • Polaris Community We will be offering our Foster Parents, Adopters and Staff a programme of Virtual & E-Learning courses, as well as promoting the fantastic resources & events offered by the UK Safer Internet Centre.
  • Northmead Junior School -Home activities for children -Updated parent advice for using the internet as a family safely -Holding a live streamed lesson to each class regarding SID
  • Together for Childhood Plymouth Working with all partner agencies to share messages and resources across Plymouth
  • BishoptonPRU We will be delivering TEAMS online session and discussions around keeping safe and using the internet responsibly as well as making pupils and parent/Carers aware of how to discuss issues openly.
  • St. Andrew's Primary School We will be celebrating Safer Internet Day using our online learning platform, including the virtual assemblies and activities from PurpleMash!
  • St Angela's Ursuline School we will be having virtual assemblies and launching our updated acceptable use charter
  • National Fostering Agency Scotland We are proud to be supporting Safer Internet Day 2021 along with the National Fostering Group. We will be joining the conversation through Facebook and encouraging our carers to become involved.
  • Benedict House Prep School Benedict House Prep School will be hosting a range of activities including a variety of quizzes and games. All teachers will be leading sessions on how to stay safe on the internet.
  • Hinguar Primary School Using purple mash to use resources and sharing in school and for home learning.
  • Fairstead Community Primary and Nursery School The whole school will be involved in Safer Internet Day from EYFS up to Year 6. The children will take part in fun and inspiring activities all based around the topic of online safety.
  • Breck Foundation We are creating a national competition for children to create an online safety superhero! The winner will become our mascot to be used in presentations across the country.
  • Clevedon School Supporting the whole school community to be safe online.