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Safer Internet Day 2019 Supporters

More than 2,100 organisations across the UK are helping to deliver activities for Safer Internet Day, including schools, police, local authorities, charities, companies, government, regulators and wider. 

Total Safer Internet Day Supporters

  • 1,668
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  • Dundonald Primary School Digital leaders will launch SID with a special assembly. Fun activities are planned with particular focus on consent. Upper school children will have made comic strips and jargon pop-up book fables.
  • Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire We will be raising awareness of Safer Internet Day across our social media platforms and website, focusing on how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.
  • Hugglescote Community Primary School At Hugglescote we are celebrating Safer Internet Day by carrying out lots of activities! Each of our 14 classes are dedicating time to learn about using technology responsibly and creatively!
  • Nursery Hill Primary School During the day, we will be completing different activities across the school linked to the theme of 'Together for a better internet'. We will complete the day reflecting on the different activities.
  • Sawtry Village Academy Every student in years 7 to 11 will have a one hour lesson using the Safer Internet Day resources for online consent.
  • West Sussex County Council West Sussex County Council is creating a short film for Safer Internet Day comprised of interview clips from across our services, promoting how we are all working together for a better internet.
  • Alton School Our responsibility is to ensure ALTON students understand the inherent risks, and learn how to evaluate online information and how to take care of their own safety and security in the digital world.
  • Heap Bridge Primary School The whole school will celebrate SID by taking part in many e-safety activities for two full days. As part of this 10 digital leaders will help and support e-safety lessons in other classes.
  • East Dunbartonshire Leisure and Culture Trust EDLC Libraries are sharing the UK Safer Internet Centre's handy social media guide which details safety features available on social networks, and encouraging users of all ages to be safe online.
  • William Howard School All of our KS3 students will be involved in activities around the ideas behind SID. Our Digital Leaders will lead class and out of class events.
  • Westfield Junior School All our pupils will be using their personal blog accounts to write a post describing how a respectful and responsible internet user helps to create a wonderful and creative internet for everyone.
  • Bridgewater School Will will be holding seperate assemblies for our KS1 & KS2 children, and then following up the Safer Internet day message in our computing lessons with all age groups throughout the rest of the week.
  • Marlborough Primary School We will be running a whole school assembly & participating in the biggest online safety lesson via Purple Mash!
  • Euro-Mediterranean Resources Metwork Exclusive section on our community radio show Online safety awareness action on social media Talk and discussion after our film club screening (particular focus on FGM & sexist hate speech)
  • DVLA For SID 2019, DVLA is using social media to warn customers to stay safe online. We are reminding customers that the only official place to find our services and information is on GOV.UK.
  • St John Fisher Primary School We will have a whole school assembly to launch the week and have discussions/complete work in class linked to SID 2019 topic and general online safety.
  • Get Safe Online Safer Internet Day will be the subject of headline news stories on our website and we will use our social media channels to spread the word before and on the day.
  • Etz Chaim Primary School For SID we will be carrying out a whole school assembly. The children will have workshops lead by our Digital Leaders on the day.
  • Saint Aidan's CE High School We will be asking our Digital Leaders to support and promote various activities including form activities, producing a student survey and distributing their newsletter.
  • Henley Green Primary School Promoting in school - assemblies and class lessons.
  • The Oratory School For SID 2019 we will be exploring the UK Safer Internet resources with some of our pupils in our weekly PSHE session #OurInternetOurChoice
  • Christopher Rawlins Primary School For Safer Internet Day 2019 we are having a whole school assembly and class workshops throughout the school.
  • St Cuthbert's Catholic Primary School, Kenton For Safer Internet Day we will have an assembly and lessons to discover how to keep safe when using the internet
  • Adult Education For SID 2019 we will be providing a free workshop for parents entitled 'safer internet day'.
  • Giles Brook School Every Class will cover SID2019. Our Digital Leaders will be making videos with the theme Understanding Consent in a Digital World
  • St. Edward's RCP Whole school assembly and lessons based around this topic across the school. We have also held two workshops with Leanne Romney for Year 5 and Year 6 the week prior to this around internet safety.
  • Shaw Hill Primary School For SID the children will be looking at a range of scenarios and discussing what they would do in different situations relating to keeping themselves safe when using the internet.
  • Nottingham University Hospitals Trust. Intergrated Sexual Health Service NUH Integrated Sexual Health Services Outreach team are delivering a training course called "Selfie Generation" to staff, we will also deliver safer internet & sexual health workshops to young people.
  • The Academy Training School For SID we will be running a "mobile phone prison" and phones will be retrieved by posting comments on how to make the internet a better place for young people.
  • Orchard Primary School We are attending the Safer Internet Day event at The BT centre and talking to delegates about appropriate consent online.