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Safer Internet Day 2019 Supporters

More than 2,100 organisations across the UK are helping to deliver activities for Safer Internet Day, including schools, police, local authorities, charities, companies, government, regulators and wider. 

Total Safer Internet Day Supporters

  • 1,668
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  • The National Online Hate Crime Hub We will be engaging using our social platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by using the campaign logo and banners etc. This includes creating posts and responding to users questions.
  • Martins Wood Primary School We will be having special assemblies, computing and PSHE&C lessons this week, all based on e-safety as well as signposting information for parents via our website and app.
  • Didsbury CE Primary School For SID 2019 we'll be promoting internet safety through the use of new technology in the school.
  • Operation REPEAT For SID, Op REPEAT will continue to raise awareness to online fraud to help older / vulnerable people keep safe from criminals.
  • Butterwick Primary School Individual lessons with classes, whole school assembly and we are also involving our school's 'mini police' in delivering the message for the first time at our school.
  • Moston Fields Primary School For SID 2019 we will be holding a whole school event on Tuesday 5th February.
  • Stop Hate UK We will be promoting Safer Internet Day through our social media channels, sharing information about how to stay safe on the internet.
  • Aberdeenshire Council I will be working with small group of P7 pupils on the theme this year, creating a display board for the school highlighting the roles and responsibilities of a digital citizen.
  • Millfield School All pupils will enjoy age -group specific assemblies and PSHEE lessons focusing on ways of ensuring that they use the internet in a responsible and safe manner.
  • St Andrews CE First School We will be providing an engaging afternoon based on E-Safety including smarties the penguin, KS2 will be creating blogs about the importance and a range of activities to highlight safer internet use.
  • St Leonard's CofE Primary School All children will be taking part in key stage assemblies, alongside activities in classrooms. Parents will be invited to attend a parent safer internet day workshop, after school.
  • Raglan Primary School What does a 'Raglan Digital Citizen' look like and what skills would they leave our school with? We will be exploring this with our pupils, parents and staff, through the SID 2019 theme.
  • Adderley Primary School We will celebrate Safer Internet Day across school by involving pupils and parents with lessons and assemblies in how we all need to stay safe online both inside and outside of school.
  • Gateshead Libraries For local communities as part of SID we will be promoting online safety, searching and shopping online and how to recognise reliable information on the internet.
  • Harpur's Hill Primary School Harpur's Hill Primary School will hold an Assembly based on the theme, Safer Internet Day. We will also communicate the internet safety messages to our parents.
  • Millimber Primary We are teaching a range of lessons linked to Internet Safety and Digital Leaders will be supporting this.
  • Shooting Star Entertainments We will be touring schools with our Internet Safety show in early February to introduce children to the ways of protecting themselves online, combining education with enjoyment.
  • Digital North Lanarkshire We will be celebrating Safer Internet Day by sharing our best tips for staying safe online, and highlighting the courses available through our members to help people improve their digital skills!
  • The LEGO Group For SID 2019 the LEGO Life app, safe social media for children, will launch a new online safety guardian, Captain Safety, providing tutorials, contextual advice on how to stay safe & host quizzes.
  • Chester-le-Street ASC We're giving our members information to pass onto their children about keeping safe online and keeping them up to date with the Swim England wavepower guidance.
  • Park School Outreach Services For Safer Internet Day 2019 we will have ongoing Internet related and child protection activities.
  • Ysgol Gatholig Santes Fair Our child Digital Heroes are going to organise and run a super Internet Safer Day. There will be practical demonstrations, parental involvement, an assembly and in-class activities.
  • Aberlour Primary School Aberlour Primary school will be having an afternoon of safe surfing fun. In groups we will take part in a range of activities to learn how to get the most out of being on the web safely.
  • Bedfont Primary School For SID 2019 we will have parent workshops and child/class sessions.
  • Brockwell Junior School We'll be promoting our 'SMART RULES', creating pledges to make positive choices online with support of parents and carers, and we'll be learning about consent online using SID film and apps.
  • Ark Boulton Academy Sharing information in assemblies and via social media and the website.
  • The Dean Academy For Safer Internet Day we will be running a variety of activities during computing sessions all week as well as year group assembly's
  • Met Police For SID we are having a CSE week of events, operations and events across London.
  • The Firs Lower School There will be fun activities in YR and KS1 which introduce key aspects of internet safety and in KS2 children will be exploring what the risks are and how to enjoy the benefits of the internet safely.
  • Park Hall Academy We are inviting parents into school for a workshop designed to support internet filtering. The children will be taking part in activities to develop their understanding of consent and permission.