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Safer Internet Day 2018 Supporters

More than 1,700 organisations across the UK helped to deliver activities for Safer Internet Day. 

Including schools, police, local authorities, charities, companies, government, regulators and wider. Together we can help create a better internet! 


Total Safer Internet Day Supporters

  • 1,249
  • 138
  • 161
  • 58
  • 29
  • 137
  • Grove House School Grove House will be going off timetable for the day and working in House teams across our Key Stage 2 - 4 age ranges to better understand and support each other in our safe use of the internet.
  • Hunters Bar Infant School SID sessions throughout the week Online Safety session for parents and careers
  • Dorset Police Dorset Police Safe Schools and Communities Team will be working across schools in Dorset on Safer Internet Day to educate children and young people about Online Safety
  • St Paul's CE Academy All classes will be discovering how we can follow the slogan of safer internet day 2018 to ensure that the internet is treated as a safe space where children can discover a world of information.
  • Your Life in Your Hands We will promote it on social media and share with our clients
  • Fellside Community Primary School We will be holding assemblies with both our Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils to talk about ways we can all stay safe online - and what 'online' means, plus, lessons this week will have a eSafety discussions!
  • Little Sutton Primary School We will host a special assembly and work in our class groups throughout the week talking about how we can stay safe online.
  • Balderstone St Leonard's Primary School All our children in school from Pre School to Year 6 will be taking part in activities to support Safer Internet Day.
  • Chadsmead Primary Academy We will launch the day with a whole school assembly. For the rest of the day the children will be completing lots of activities across their phases with an end product at the end of the day to show their learning.
  • Denham Village Infant School We will be taking part in a special assembly, and using the quiz and lesson plans provided.
  • The National Museum of Computing We will be working to show visitors to The National Museum of Computing best practices for being safe online, and staying safe online.
  • Royal Greenwich Trust School Royal Greenwich Trust School students will be celebrating Safer Internet Day 2018 in assemblies throughout the week and in PSHEE and ICT lessons.
  • JAGS School We are looking forward to Safer Internet Day and will be sharing our learning through podcasts, films, online safety quizzes and conversations between sprite in Scratch. Watch this space!
  • Moulton College Working with students in tutorial to explore key issues of internet safety including sexting, ID theft, peer pressure, reputation damage, digital footprint, bullying, mental health and more!
  • Church Hill Primary School Safer internet day will be part of a week of activities based around keeping safe on the Internet. On Safer Internet day itself there will be an assembly and activities in class.
  • National Online Safety We are supporting SID2018 by promoting it on our social media channels and encouraging the schools that we work with to participate too.
  • Padre Pio R.C Primary School We will be looking at how to stay safe online and completing activities throughout the day to promote e-safety in our school and the wider community.
  • Cardiff Family Information Service By informing parents and children how to stay safe online.
  • Balliol Primary School Safer internet awareness day in school and parent support workshops
  • Dereham Church of England Junior Academy We will be spending the day looking at how to use the internet to research and browse safely, how to be aware of our digital footprint and how to make safe and responsible use of Social Media.
  • St Peter's Catholic Primary School We are learning how to create, connect and share respect today and tomorrow. We will be thinking about kind and unkind online comments and their effects, exploring our digital footprints and much more
  • Clipstone Brook Lower School Clipstone Brook will be holding an assembly and follow up lessons on Internet safety. CPD for staff and a parent information afternoon on 'keeping safe online in a digital age'.
  • Dilkes Academy We will be holding assemblies and workshops for the children around e-safety. Some of our KS2 children will be taking part in a workshop aimed at developing e-safety awareness.
  • The Walt Disney Company This Safer Internet Day we will continue to support the efforts of the Safer Internet Centre via our social channels, with the support of the stars of our Disney Channel shows
  • Richard Cobden Primary School Richard Cobden Primary School will celebrate Safer Internet Day with online safety lessons in each class and two assemblies. Pupils trained as Digital Leaders will help deliver the lessons.
  • Primrose Hill Primary School We will be having an assembly and all the children in the school will be taking part in internet safety activities throughout the day. Our eCadets will be helping to organise and run the day.
  • Community Learning and Development Inputs at all youth clubs.
  • Langland Community School We will be exploring how our school Community Code: Be our best: Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Kind, Be Positive;should also be followed whilst using the internet.
  • Children in Wales Promoting the day and safe-internet resources on social media.
  • AFA Fostering We will be celebrating Safer Internet Day by promoting awareness with our carers and young people. We will also be taking pictures of the jigsaw and uploading them onto our facebook page to show our support!