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Research Highlight Series

12: Research highlights for children’s online gaming and addiction: a brief overview of the empirical literature

Mark Griffiths, Nottingham Trent University (Nov 2010)
A literature review on children’s online gaming, revealing its incidence and consequences.

11: Online safety policy and practice in the UK – an analysis of 360 degree safe self review data

South West Grid for Learning and University of Plymouth (Sept 2010)
A small scale quantitative survey of issues faced by school about internet safety, revealing safety provisions and concerns. 

10: Sharing personal images and videos among young people

University of Plymouth (Nov 2009) 
A small scale quantitative study of the ‘sexting’ practices, uncovering its prevalence and young people’s attitudes about it. 

09: Benchmarking of parental control tools for the online protection of children, SIP-Bench II

EC Safer Internet Programme (Jan 2011)
A large scale quantitative review of various parental control tools for children’s online protection, revealing their effectiveness and limitations.

08: Children’s online risks and safety – review of available evidence

National Foundation for Educational Research (Mar 2010)
A literature review on children’s online risks and safety, pointing to its occurrence and the gaps in evidence.