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Research Highlight Series

20: Internet safety and children with special educational needs

Lucy Faithfull Foundation (Aug 2011) 
A small scale qualitative study on the internet safety concerns of children with special educational needs, focusing on difficulties experienced online and safety measures taken.

19: Vulnerable young people, social media and e-safety

Stephen Carrick-Davies (July 2011)
A small scale qualitative study on vulnerable young people’s use of social media and mobile phones, revealing the link between offline-online vulnerability, risky behaviours online and consequences.

18: Ofsted – younger children’s views

Ofsted (April 2011) 
A small scale quantitative survey on children’s views on personal safety – online and offline. 

17: Internet safety and schools

Department of Educational Research, Lancaster University (May 2011)
A small scale quantitative survey of issues faced by school about internet safety, revealing safety provisions and concerns. 

16: Trends in media use

Childwise (May 2011)
A large scale quantitative survey of children and young people’s media ownership, internet access and social networking sites use.