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Research Highlight Series

30: Excessive social networking and young people

Mark Griffiths, Nottingham Trent University  (Jun 2012)
A systematic literature review was carried out examining excessive social networking addiction among children and adolescents.

29: Improving e-safety in primary schools

Lucy Shipton, Sheffield Hallam University (Aug 2011)
A small scale qualitative study of the internet safety policies and procedures of two primary schools, based on interviews with teachers and focus groups with children.

28: Trends in media use

Childwise (May 2012)
A large scale quantitative survey of children and young people’s media ownership, internet access and social networking sites use

27: EU Kids Online – online safety and disadvantaged children

EU Kids Online (Aug 2011) 
A large-scale quantitative study observing trends in the risk-taking behaviours of disadvantaged groups of children.

26: Children and parents media use and attitudes: Ofcom's children's media literacy tracker 2011

Ofcom (Oct 2011) 
A large scale quantitative study of media use and attitudes in children, young people and their parents.