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Research Highlight Series

40: Children and Parents: Media Use and Attitudes - Take Up and Use

Ofcom (Oct 2012)
A summary of the results of the Ofcom’s Children’s Media Literacy Tracker, a large-scale quantitative survey based on in-home interviews with children aged 5-15 and their parents/carers (N = 1717 conducted from March to April 2011). In 2012, this survey was also conducted with parents of children aged 3-4 (N= 190 interviews conducted in-home in March 2012).

39: Understanding Children’s Online Activities: Developing Research to Enhance Police Practice

Elena Martellozzo, Middlesex University (Apr 2012) 
A summary of the results of a qualitative study conducted in 4 schools located in diverse areas of London. It included 16 focus groups with 86 young people (age 10-16), and a small sample of 5 face-to-face interviews with head teachers and teachers.

38: Digital Parenting: An Evaluation

The Parent Zone (Aug 2012)
A summary of the findings of the evaluation of the Digital Parenting Magazine resource produced by Vodafone. 

37: Towards a better internet for children: Findings and recommendations from EU Kids Online to inform the CEO coalition

EU Kids Online (Jun 2012)
A summary of the report presenting new findings and analysis of the EU Kids Online 25 country survey, and previously published findings relevant to EC Vice President Kroes’ CEO Coalition initiative to make the internet a better place for children. 

36: Identifying vulnerable children online and what strategies can help them

UKCCIS Evidence Group - Livingstone and Palmer (Jun 2012)
A report summarising the main findings and outcomes of the Vulnerability Seminar arranged by the UKCCIS Evidence Group on 24th January, 2012.