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Research Highlight Series

50: Childwise Report: Trends in Media Use

Childwise (Jan 2013) 
A large scale quantitative survey of the media ownership, internet access and social networking sites use of children and young people aged 5-16 (N = 3000).

49: EU Kids Online - In their own words: What bothers children online?

EU Kids Online and LSE (Feb 2013) 
A summary of the results of the analysis of 9,636 responses to the open-ended question: “What things on the internet would bother people about your age?” asked by the EU Kids Online questionnaire. This large-scale quantitative survey was administered face-to-face at home to a random stratified sample of 25,142 children aged 9-16 who use the internet, plus one of their parents, during Spring/Summer 2010 in 25 European countries. 

48: Virtually Anorexic - Where's the harm? A research study of pro-anorexia websites

University Campus Suffolk (Nov 2012)
A summary of the results of a qualitative study of 126 websites and blogs identified through a Google search for “pro-anorexia” between January and June 1012. The aim of the study was to gain knowledge and understanding of pro-anorexia sites and online communities, and to provide a review of the risks in relation to their use by young people.

47: Safer Internet Day Report - Have your Say: Listening to young people about their online rights and responsibilities

UK Safer Internet Centre (Feb 2013)
A summary of the results of the UK’s largest ever survey into young people’s attitudes toward online rights and responsibilities, involving a large-scale quantitative survey with over 24,000 young people age 7-19 years and qualitative findings from nine focus groups across the UK. 

46: CHILDWISE Monitor Pre-School Report 2012

ChildWise (May 2012) 
An overview of the results of the CHILDWISE Monitor Pre-School Report 2012, and provides an overview of trends in the media use of children aged up to 4 years. 200 face-to-face street interviews were conducted with parents of children aged between 6 months and 4 years old during May 2012.