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Research Highlight Series

75: Net Aware: A Parent's Guide to Social Networking Sites

NSPCC (January 2015)
The results of a large scale quantitative study which informed the design of the NSPCC Netaware Guide. The NSPCC consulted with 1854 children and young people aged 11-18 in order to establish the most used social networking platforms. 511 parents were then recruited from the parenting website Mumsnet to review the most popular websites, apps and games against a set of criteria based on national and international best practice in keeping children safe online.

74: Safer Internet Day 2014: Campaign Evaluation

Populus (January 2015)
A summary of the results of an online survey of a nationally representative group of adults, teens and children to assess the effectiveness of the Safer Internet Day campaign. A post-campaign survey targeted 525 children aged 8-12 years, 525 teenagers aged 13-17 years, 520 parents with children aged 8-17, and 519 adults aged 18+. 

73: Childwise Monitor 2014-15

Childwise (January 2015)
An overview of the results of the CHILDWISE Monitor Report 2014-15. This large scale, quantitative study consulted a sample of nearly 2200 children and young people aged 5–16 in 80 schools across the UK.  Children aged 5 and 6 were subject to face to face interview, and children aged 7–16 were surveyed online.  

72: Childwise Monitor Pre-School Report 2014

Childwise (September 2014)
A summary of the results of the CHILDWISE Monitor Pre-School Report 2014. It provides an overview of trends in the media use of children aged up to 4 years. 200 face-to-face street interviews were conducted with parents of children aged between 6 months and 4 years old during August 2014. 

71: Net Children Go Mobile: The UK Report

Net Children Go Mobile and EU Kids Online (July 2014) 
A summary of the results of the UK (N = 516) collected as part of the Net Children Go Mobile in-home survey among 3,500 9-16 year-old internet users in Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Portugal, and the UK, using a stratified random sample and self-completion methods.