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82: Net Children Go Mobile: European Qualitative Research Results

Net Children Go MobileĀ (July 2015)
A summary of a large scale European qualitative study of the perceptions and perspectives of children, parents, teachers and others working with young people regarding the adoption, use, opportunities and risks associated with use of smartphones and tablets. Data were collected in nine European countries (e.g., Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain, UK). 55 focus groups (N = 219) and 107 interviews (N = 108) were conducted with children aged 9-16, and 40 focus groups (N = 180) and 44 interviews (N = 50) were conducted with adults across the nine countries. Children were recruited through at least 3 different schools and youth centres, and adults through schools, parent / teacher organisations etc. Data collection occurred between January and September 2014.