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Digiduck’s Big Decision - the app

23 September 2014

Childnet’s popular e-safety story, Digiduck’s Big Decision, is now available as a free app for tablets.

Working with Internet Matters Childnet have transformed the story into a fun, interactive tablet app that parents can enjoy with their children. Like the book, the app follows Digiduck and his...

Internet Matters launches e-safety service for schools

22 September 2014

With e-safety now firmly established on the curriculum at both primary and secondary school, the e-safety website has created a dedicated area for schools which makes it easy to find some of the best resources for teaching e-safety from leading experts in the field.


Minimising Reputational Risk – Advice for Professionals

21 September 2014

So the beginning of another school year is upon us and the new school shoes have been purchased. Children across the UK will be making important decisions such as how to wear their hair or what they can sneak into their lunchboxes without their parents noticing. And of course, most importantly,...

E-safety in the computing curriculum

15 September 2014

Childnet have launched a guide for teachers that will help support the teaching of e-safety as outlined in the new Computing curriculum.

Supported by Yahoo Safely , the Childnet guide aims to highlight the key learning aims related to e-safety in the computing curriculum so as to help teachers...

Three new Research Highlights about UK trends

15 September 2014

The Evidence Group of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety has launched three new editions to its series summarising the latest research reports.

The latest in this series of 71 Research Highlights includes a report from Middlesex University and the Office of the...