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European conference on the global fight against online child sexual abuse content

22 March 2013

The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), the UK Safer Internet Centre’s hotline for the public to report online child sexual abuse content, encountered 9,550 reports of webpages that contained potentially child sexual abuse images in 2012. Of this total number, only 73 webpages were...

Consultation on the reform of the National Curriculum in England

21 March 2013

The Department for Education have launched a consultation on the reform of the National Curriculum in England.

This consultation sets out the Government’s plans to reform the National Curriculum in England and follows a review of the National Curriculum (launched January 2011) with the...

IWF study reveals child sexual abuse content as top online concern

18 March 2013

A new study from the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) launched today reveals child sexual abuse content as top online concern and potentially 1.5m adults have stumbled upon it

More people in Britain are concerned about websites showing the sexual abuse of children than other...

Childnet Film Competition 2013

07 March 2013

The Childnet Film Competition 2013 i s now open! We are hoping to build on last year's success and see another batch of fantastic short films promoting the positive uses of the internet.

Positive and inspiring use of the internet is at the heart of our Film Competition 2013. Childnet is...

UK Safer Internet Centre 'Safer Internet Day' Press Release

05 February 2013

24,000 youth declare their online rights and responsibilities for Safer Internet Day

Primary and secondary children call for the right to feel safe

People being unkind is the main thing that stops young people enjoying their time on the internet...