Image of SELMA - Exploring the consequences of online hate speech

SELMA - Exploring the consequences of online hate speech

18 April 2019

SELMA is a project co-funded by the European Commission which aims to tackle the problem of online hate speech by promoting mutual awareness, tolerance, and respect.

Image of The ENABLE approach to combatting bullying

The ENABLE approach to combatting bullying

18 November 2016

Our coordinators SWGfL have been involved in the ENABLE anti-bullying programme and their Online Safety Manager Ken Corish shares more about it:

Image of The Law and Social Media

The Law and Social Media

28 October 2016

A view on recent Crown Prosecution Service guidelines.

Is your organisation taking good care of personal data?

21 June 2016

Schools are now using more and more services to provide a seamless education experience for staff and, most importantly, pupils. Services like iCloud, Google for education, Capita, Dropbox and a wealth of other cloud services are now available.

Add into this mix smartphones, iPads,...

SWGfL BOOST wins a Bett Award

22 January 2015

BOOST is an exceptional toolkit of resources, apps, services and training which allows schools to better safeguard their children, parents and staff online by recognising, reacting, reporting and resolving online safety issues.

The BETT Award judges, consisting of influential...

SID 2014 comes runner up at the Nominet Internet Awards 2014

03 July 2014

Representatives from the 3 UK Safer Internet Centre partners, the South West Grid for Learning, Childnet and the IWF, attended the awards at the London Film Museum. We caught up with Kathryn Tremlett from the SWGfL to find out what happened at the awards…

The Nominet Internet Awards (or the...