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Help stop bullying – and use the power of the internet for good!

Today was the first day of Anti Bullying Week, with the organisers Anti-Bullying Alliance asking people to use their Power for Good to help stop bullying. With just a few hours in, there has already been a huge amount of support from schools, organisations and individuals from up and down the country.  

Our pledge to use our #PowerforGood!

We know the very real impact that bullying has on young people’s lives, with online bullying adding a further dimension as it can often be anonymous, 24/7 and particularly invasive. An NSPCC study released today showed that they have seen an 88% increase in calls to Childline about cyberbullying in the last five years.

This is why, here at UKSIC, we pledge to use our #PowerforGood and encourage everyone to do the same to help stop bullying.

From our own research earlier this year, ‘Creating a Better Internet for All’, we also know that the internet can be an immensely positive place for young people, with 93% saying they had seen their friends posting things online that are supportive, kind or positive about a certain group.

So let’s help stop bullying – and use the power of the internet for good!