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Childnet's Youth IGF Project 2014

On the 1st September 2014 our partners, Childnet, will be taking a group of three young people to Istanbul for this year’s Internet Governance Forum (IGF).

The IGF is a UN mandated conference, bringing people together from various stakeholder groups as equals in discussions on policy issues relating to the future of the internet.  Young people are a key stakeholder group, but until Childnet launched the Youth IGF Project in 2009, they had not been included in these debates. 

Childnet's Youth IGF project is now in its sixth year and provides a platform for young people at the Internet Governance Forum so they can share their experiences and inform debates about internet governance.  Their presence has grown and the voice of the youth has become a key part of the IGF.

The 2014 IGF will be held in Istanbul from the 2-5 September.  The three young people will be attending the following workshops:

Monday 1 September

  • Pre-event: Governance in a Mobile Social Web – Finding the Markers (3pm)

Wednesday 3 September

Thursday 4 September

To find out more about the Internet Governance Forum visit: