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What can I do?

Strategies for managing your online reputation

  • Think before you post anything
  • Understanding your digital footprint: Search for yourself using Google or another search provider.
  • Appropriate language and behaviour: Consider how others may interpret your words, especially if using abbreviations.
  • Discussing expectations with friends: Are you happy to be tagged in a photo?
  • Familiarise yourself with your organisation's policies and procedures: Make sure you know how what the rules are!
  • Know how to report a problem

More sophisticated ways to consider amending your digital footprint:

  • Limiting your online information in Google searches
  • Removing yourself from Facebook searches
  • Manage your friends lists and redefining access you allow to your content
  • Manage your online photos and albums
  • Explore what other applications access your online profiles
  • Does your physical location appear online?
  • Look for photos you are 'tagged' in
  • Regularly review your privacy settings and amend accordingly

When posting online consider

  • Scale - global platforms
  • Permanency - once it is online it is there forever
  • Audience - public or private? friends, friends of friends or everyone?

Use the technology to its full potential but just be aware of the pitfalls and Think before you post.

Where to seek help?

If you are a teacher, school staff or anyone working with children and young people, then you can contact our Professionals Online Safety Helpline. They can help with issues concerning your own reputation or that of staff members or young people as well as with a range of other online safety issues.