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What can I do?

Strategies for managing your online reputation

  • Think before you post anything
  • Understanding your digital footprint: Search for yourself using Google or another search provider.
  • Appropriate language and behaviour: Consider how others may interpret your words, especially if using abbreviations.
  • Discussing expectations with friends: Are you happy to be tagged in a photo?
  • Familiarise yourself with your organisation's policies and procedures: Make sure you know how what the rules are!
  • Know how to report a problem

More sophisticated ways to consider amending your digital footprint:

  • Limiting your online information in Google searches
  • Removing yourself from Facebook searches
  • Manage your friends lists and redefining access you allow to your content
  • Manage your online photos and albums
  • Explore what other applications access your online profiles
  • Does your physical location appear online?
  • Look for photos you are 'tagged' in
  • Regularly review your privacy settings and amend accordingly

When posting online consider

  • Scale - global platforms
  • Permanency - once it is online it is there forever
  • Audience - public or private? friends, friends of friends or everyone?

Use the technology to its full potential but just be aware of the pitfalls and Think before you post.