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What can affect my online reputation?






Postings by you

  • Inappropriate comments about other people or staff at your school.

  • Comments that you have made about other people's reputation.

  • Defamatory comments you have posted about others photos or films

  • Inappropriate language and poor grammar

  • Publishing misleading or fraudulent information about you or others

  • Nights out on the town.

  • Prank photographs of others that have been posted without their permission.

  • Photos that compromise the security of others that could be interpreted as bullying.


  • My two weeks in Ibiza or Aya Nappa.

  • Films put up of members of staff without their permission.

  • Re distributing content on youtube

  • Posting content without copyright or license to do so


  • School rugby team and other robust groups where the pressure is on to be defamatory.

  • Gaming clans or guilds where there is online taunting and posturing

  • Inappropriate friends or group, eg radicalisation and racial hatred etc


Postings by others but linked to you

  • Comments posted by children or their parents, commenting on your work or professionalism.

  • Retweets of things you said in confidence.

  • friends” posting comments with inappropriate language on your profile

  • Tagging you in a photo from a staff night out


  • Suggesting you are a member of an inappropriate group

Postings by others pretending to be you

  • Someone logging into your social networking account and changing or posting information apparently on your behalf (known as FRAPE)

  • Comments posted apparently by you but expressing extreme of defamatory views

  • Mistaken identity - distributing pseudo pornographic images - images made to look like you

  • Third party posting inappropriate films on youtube but spoofing your identity as if they were posted by you.

  • Suggestions that you are a member of an extremist group for example.