Social Network Checklists

Our popular checklists are handy practical guides on how to use these social networks safely - how to manage your data and who you share it with. They were created in partnership with the safety teams at Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat and because of that they contain the latest, most up-to-date information about privacy & safety features on the sites. Originally based on the Facebook checklist produced by our colleagues in Austria, we have since produced a number of versions of the Facebook checklist, and our helpline team, run by SWGfL recently created ones for Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.

You can also order these in hard copy from the SWGfL store - Due to kind support from Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram we are able to provide the first 100 copies of their checklists free of charge (you just pay postage and packaging).  Any leaflets above that are 3p per copy.  Facebook Checklists are charged at 3p per copy (no free allowance). All subject to VAT.