Over a thousand organisations right across the UK played their part for a better internet this Safer Internet Day.   

Thank you to everyone who has helped to make Safer Internet Day 2016 the biggest one yet! 

Safer Internet Day 2016 Supporter Count

  • Total Safer Internet Day Supporters 1140
  • School/college 757
  • Charity/youth 86
  • Business 112
  • Government 42
  • Police 25
  • Other 117
  • St Mary & St John CEVA Primary School
    St Mary & St John CEVA Primary School

    After a whole school assembly to introduce this year's theme, each class will take part in activities from the education pack on the website. A local radio DJ will also be coming to interview pupils.

  • Tattingstone CEVCP School
    Tattingstone CEVCP School

    We are going to do a day of whole school activities. We are going to be getting the older children create safer internet posters, have a special assembly, drama / writing activities.

  • Homestart St Albans
    Homestart St Albans

    We will be promoting the importance of online safety and safe use of the internet through sharing information through our social media pages.

  • ASKfm

    We will be releasing new resources in the ASKfm Safety Centre. Safer Internet Day will also be highlighted in the question of the day on the platform on 9th February to promote positivity online.

  • Granby Junior School
    Granby Junior School

    The children will be undertaking fun activities to demonstrate their knowledge of being safe on the internet and to ensure that they understand the importance of being safe online.

  • Fulham Football Club
    Fulham Football Club

    We are running a workshop for our Academy Scholars about e-safety, grooming, social media etc

  • Newport City Council
    Newport City Council

    Delivering Internet Safety sessions to local schools enabling children to use the internet safely and giving them confidence in knowing what to do if not comfortable with what they see.

  • Benhurst Primary School
    Benhurst Primary School

    We will be celebrating Safer Internet Day with activities across the whole school. We will also be running two parent workshops in the evening.

  • Northfield Manor Primary Academy
    Northfield Manor Primary Academy

    All classes will be supporting and actively being involved on the day. Please check out our twitter feed for more information on the day, to see what we got up to.

  • The Venerable Bede Academy
    The Venerable Bede Academy

    We will be delivering an Internet Safety lesson to all students during PD and will also ask them to complete an online safety survey. Resources and links will also be posted on the school website.