Make a SID promise

Creating a better internet is #Up2Us!

This year's Safer Internet Day theme, ‘Let’s create a better internet together’, provides an opportunity to explore the responsibility we all have to help create a kinder online community. That’s why we’re encouraging everyone to make a Safer Internet Day promise. 

In the build up to Safer Internet Day, we want to encourage young people, teachers, parents and organisations to film and share a Safer Internet Day pledge as part of our #Up2Us social media campaign. The pledge is a promise that on Safer Internet Day each person will do one thing to help make the internet a better place.  

These promises will be promoted and shared on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to show that a better internet is #Up2Us. 

Create your promise

To make it easy for schools to get involved in the campaign we have created an Up 2 Us pledge card that invites young people to write down one thing they will do before the end of Safer Internet Day.  

Use a smartphone or tablet to film these promises and create short video clips.  


Share your promise

Share your filmed promises on social media and help inspire others to create a better internet.  

You can either:

  1. Share these clips on your school’s/organisation's Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and/or Instagram using the hashtag #Up2Us 

  2. Send the clips to the UK Safer Internet Centre by emailing

Note: If you are a school wanting to share your clips on social media please be aware that the posts must come from a school's account. We will be unable to share content that has been sent to us by an individual.

Need some inspiration?

Hear what young people from across the UK have been promising to do this Safer Internet Day: