Things to do

On Safer Internet Day we encouraged young people, parent/carers, schools and organisations to get involved in Safer Internet Day by taking the quiz, making a Safer Internet Day promise, and encouraging others to get involved in the day. You can still use these great resources to find out more about being a good friend on the internet.


More things you can do:

  1. Check out the #Up2Us Film which was launched on Safer Internet Day, along with a survey of 11-16s about friendship on the internet. 

  2. You can still watch SID TV, featuring young people, celebrities, puppets and more! 

  3. Check out the pages for young people and parents and carers for lots of great content. 

  4. You can still reach out to young people, parents and carers in your school, youth group or workplace and use our Education Packs to run activities.