Activities took place right across the UK for Safer Internet Day 2015!


Safer Internet Day 2015 Supporter Count

  • Total Safer Internet Day Supporters 865
  • School/college 511
  • Charity/youth 82
  • Business 132
  • Government 36
  • Police 19
  • Other 82
  • Elangeni School
    Elangeni School

    We will be participating in a range of activities highlighting how we, family and friends can ensure we remain safe and protected from those online who wish to devalue all the internet has to offer.

  • St Joan of Arc Primary School
    St Joan of Arc Primary School

    Our E-Team will share 'top tips' for helping their child stay safe online with parents. Children will enter an E-Safety Poster Competition and take part in a range of activities including drama.

  • Hexham Priory School
    Hexham Priory School

    A range of activities that raise pupils awareness about the need for internet safety and to equip them with skills to use to keep themselves safe. We will also be involving parents and carers.

  • Yorkswood Primary School
    Yorkswood Primary School

    We are having a week of ICT lessons dedicated to the theme...we are extending the day. We are also having whole school assemblies to discuss issues and how to stay safe.

  • All Wales School Liaison Core Programme
    All Wales School Liaison Core Programme

    School Community Police Officers from the All Wales School Liaison Core Programme will be out in primary and secondary schools across Wales delivering lessons and assemblies on staying safe online.

  • Three

    We are promoting Safer Internet Day to our employees to raise awareness of the importance of educating children on how to enjoy the benefits the internet safely whenever and where ever they go online.

  • ProMo-Cymru

    We run CLIConline, which is the online media channel for young people in Wales aged 11-25. They create the content including news, videos and art. We will be running a series of articles around SID.

  • Sandgate Primary School
    Sandgate Primary School

    We will be planning a day of activities using Safer Internet Day resources and others, to promote our school's commitment to staying safe while still getting the most out of going online.

  • Devon Safeguarding Children Board
    Devon Safeguarding Children Board

    The DSCB will be supporting Safer Internet Day by joining in the conversation online and promoting all of the resources to our network of workers, volunteers, parents and carers across Devon.

  • St. Peter's, Farnworth
    St. Peter's, Farnworth

    We will start the day with the school assembly, downloaded from the SID website. We will then work through the lessons and activites in the primary education pack. We will also hold a parent workshop.