Parent Resources

This year’s theme for Safer Internet day was ‘Let’s create a better internet together.’ It is important that parents are also engaged and informed to ensure their children can get the most out of the internet.

The UK Safer Internet Centre has created a parents presentation created in Prezi (download links at the bottom of this page), a script to accompany the presentation, conversation starters for parents, a parents letter to send home, a poster to promote the parent session, a parent information sheet with useful links and a parent checklist to make it as easy as possible for you to run a parent session in your school or organisation for Safer Internet Day.

Download the pack:

Download individual resources:

Parent presentation:

Download the script and you are ready to go! Click the right hand corner for full screen and use the arrows (or your keyboard or presentation clicker) to navigate the presentation.

Download the presentation:

Instructions for the Offline Prezi:

  1. Download and unzip the .ZIP file to a new folder.
  2. In the folder, run Prezi.exe to start the presentation and use the arrow keys on the keyboard to advance the slides.

Please ensure that the computer running the presentation has the latest version of Flash installed. Your school network may not allow Prezi.exe to run so you may need to contact your network administrator to change settings.

Unfortunately we cannot offer further technical support for this and recommend visiting Prezi's Support pages or downloading the presentation in another format.

We would like to thank Yahoo! Safely for their kind support in the development of these resources.