Safer Internet Day 2013

The theme for Safer Internet Day 2013 was Online Rights and Responsibilities with the slogan “Connect with Respect”. Safer Internet Day 2013 took place on 5th February, and was the tenth anniversary of the event.

Thank you to all the schools and organisations that got involved in the day - you helped make it the biggest Safer Internet Day yet!

As a result of our collective efforts we created over 50 million opportunities to see and hear the Safer Internet Day message. An evaluation survey from the BBC showed that around 1 in 10 people heard about Safer Internet Day (including 14% of teens). Of those who heard about Safer Internet Day, around 40% changed something about the way they behaved online and about 40% spoke to someone in their family about it, showing both the reach and the impact that Safer Internet Day can have.

Even after the day, we can all help young people Connect with Respect - play the quiz, listen to clips from the radio, read the research report and use the schools packs and conversation starters for parents!