Competition entries

The entry period for the competition has now closed.
Thank you to everyone who entered!

The winner of each category will be announced on 22nd November.

Category 1: Non professional adults (content for children aged 4 - 12)

Stay Safe Online

Lead entry name: Simon Pile

This entry is aimed at children and young people aged: 5-18

We have released a video as a result of being inspired by the 'Dumb Ways To Die' viral phenomena. With many of our children humming the tune and singing the lyrics in the playground, I had an idea to turn the video into something meaningful and relevant for our children. I contacted McCann to ask permission to use the video and make a parody about e-safety. They said yes and we are delighted with the results. The video, entitled 'Stay Safe Online' brings the SMART rules to life in an innovative way. 

Bedlington Station Primary School Website

Lead entry name: Andrew Leyton

This entry is aimed at children aged: 4 - 11

We see our website as a treasure trove of content and information for our pupils, their parents and our community. Our content is created by our pupils and staff in and out of school time to engage, celebrate and educate our audience. We also use our site as a way to involve learners outside of school by encouraging the children to engage with specific content which mirrors and compliments the work going on in school, such as becoming detectives, to report on mysterious cases. 

abc Joined Up

Lead entry name: Mary Coen

This entry is aimed at children aged: 4-12

abc Joined Up is an interactive App that helps children embed sound/symbol recognition and become confident joined up/cursive writers. Using a fun approach it helps children understand the strokes or layers of cursive handwriting and then practise writing cursive letters and words on the tablet screen. Parents also use the app at home to help their children embed these key skills. The app design is based on a method of teaching handwriting and a multi-sensory literacy programme that I designed and use at my school. 

Category 2: Professional adults (content for children aged 4 - 12)


Lead entry name: Chris Bradford

This entry is aimed at children and young people aged: 7 - 12

In classrooms, on mobile devices, and at home, BrainPOP® engages kids through animated movies, interactive quizzes, informational texts, online activities, and more.

Oddizzi and Class Pals

Lead entry name: Jenny Cooke

This entry is aimed at children aged: 4 - 11

Oddizzi is a digital resource that brings the world to life. It stimulates children’s natural curiosity about their world, builds their understanding of people and places and helps them understand their own place within it. Oddizzi’s main aim is to inspire children to learn about the world, so they grow up to be confident global citizens. 

'Our Story App' for creating and sharing personal multimodal stories

Lead entry name: Natalia Kucirkova

This entry is aimed at children aged: 3-8

The Our Story application is a smartphone/tablet application (there is an android as well as iphone and ipad version available) which allows the creation of personal digital audio-visual books, based on pictures, sounds and texts supplied by the users. The finished stories can be shared with others online or printed in 3 different formats. The app is open-ended, i.e. users can create any stories they like and is designed especially for young children’s independent and creative use. 


Lead entry name: Helene Towers

This entry is aimed at children aged: 8 - 12 years. is a game designed for children and is packed with creative gaming elements and social networking opportunities. Self-expression is a huge part of tween life and through a focus on providing multiple customisation options, players can be truly unique, both in the way they look and in the content they create. 

Aardman Animations

Lead entry name: Anna Harding

This entry is aimed at children aged: 10-13 (though suitable for younger and older audiences)

Aardman have created an interactive experience for Brunel’s ss Great Britain and the Science Museum that aims to encourage children to engage with culture and the work of Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

The game ‘Full Steam Ahead’, has been designed to teach pupils that Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s determination and resilience to persevere, solve problems and his ability to learn from mistakes helped him to succeed. Teaching the children about Brunel’s work and scientific methods, whilst guiding and encouraging them to become problem solvers themselves. 

Respectme - cyberbullying... what do I need to know?

Lead entry name: Brian Donnelly

This entry is for children and young people aged: 8 - 12

This helpful and easy to use publication is aimed at children who are beginning to develop their life and relationships on-line. It was designed in partnership with children and young people and contains important messages and advice that recognises the reality of where young people go online. It is not simply a top-ten-tips approach. It focuses on what we know young people use - Facebook/social networking sites, instant messaging, on-line gaming and YouTube - it explores what they are and what to consider in relation to your safety and what to do if you experience bullying.

Tee and Mo

Lead entry name: Juliet Tzabar

This entry is aimed at children aged: 2-5

Tee & Mo is an original digital brand created by Plug-in Media for CBeebies focused around the daily adventures of an adorable and unstoppable boy monkey, Tee, and his first-time mum, Mo. The website delivers a range of digital content including videos, colouring-in activities and a suite of 10 narrative-led interactive games for young children and their parents/caregivers to play together. The full suite includes five games available on desktop and two on mobile (with three more to follow later in October).

Welcome to the Web

Lead entry name: Mark Warner

This entry is aimed at children aged: 5-11

Welcome to the Web is a popular tutorial that helps children to learn about the Internet. It is split into six sections that cover all aspects of safe Internet use and help children as they take their first steps online. Quizzes at the end of each section reveal secret codes that are required to complete the 'Welcome to the Web Challenge'. This activity gives children the opportunity to review their Internet skills to catch the creator of a fictional computer virus. The site is used by hundreds of children every day around the world.  

Design a Moshling 2013

Lead entry name: Lauren Haxell

This entry is for children and young people aged: 6 - 12

With legions of creative and highly engaged Moshi fans to draw on, we knew that the 2013 Design a Moshling competition would be one of the highlights of our year’s community plans.

What we didn’t quite expect was the sheer volume and quality of entries. 17,000 fans sent us their Moshling designs, and the standard of entries was so high that we decided to show over 100 of the very best submissions in a week-long exhibition at the Strand Gallery in London.

Competition winner Paul was honoured for his winning entry, ‘Pinestein’, a fabulous, fruity cross between a famous physicist and… erm… a pineapple!

Onilo- Igniting a Passion for Literacy

Lead entry name: Anna-Karina Oertzen

This entry is aimed at children aged: 3-7

Onilo is an online portal, providing digital editions of well-loved children’s picture books, Boardstories. Boardstories can be used with interactive whiteboards for shared reading or on personal computers for one to one learning at school and home. Aimed at primary aged children it is a great way to engage reluctant readers, using digital mediums with which they are familiar.

The Boardstories are designed with simple large format controls, which can be used manually or left to auto play. The text and narration can be switched on or off which can lead to independent reading, discussion or creative writing pieces ‘What happens next…’.
Having all these stories at the tip of their fingers means that children can get excited about reading at the click of a mouse and easily browse through some of their favourite stories.

Club Penguin

Lead entry name: Disney

This entry is aimed at children aged: 6 - 12 years.

Club Penguin is an award-winning virtual world for children with over 175 million members worldwide.  Created eight years ago by three dads looking for a safe place for their children to play, Club Penguin has built a global reputation as a secure online environment, providing fun for kids and peace of mind for parents  with its imaginative play environment, word filtering technology and live moderation.

Club Penguin uses a range of sophisticated safety tools, including live moderators who monitor players’ behaviour in over 190 countries and ensure they’re keeping to the Club Penguin rules, helping them stay as safe as possible. Moderators also work around the clock, aiming to answer any player queries within 24 hours.

Club Penguin - It Starts With You Safety Website

Lead entry name: Disney

This entry is aimed at children aged: 6-12

Club Penguin’s ‘It Starts With You’ campaign is an internet safety movement which empowers kids to take the lead in spreading positive behaviour online and give their parents the tools to better support them.

The dedicated website, provides families with a ‘go-to’ place for tips and information about staying safe on the internet. With sections especially for parents and kids, the safety site gives families the opportunity to learn the online rules of the road together. The parent’s section also shows Mums and Dads the parental controls that Club Penguin has to offer, including the ability to set time limits for kids when they’re in-world. Future developments of the campaign will provide families with further support and resources to help them ‘Be Cool, Be Heard and Be Safe’ online.

Sofia’s World

Lead entry name: Disney

This entry is aimed at children aged: 2-7

Sofia’s World is an online destination for kids inspired by Disney Junior’s no.1 rated series, Sofia the First. Sofia’s World is the latest virtual world to offer kids a fun and immersive experience to compliment a hit Disney Junior series.

Sofia’s World allows kids to interact with Sofia, as well as discover a whole range of magical features. Children can create their own princess in training avatar, customise their rooms and explore the castle grounds whilst earning rewards to enhance their princess world.

Jake's World

Lead entry name: Disney

This entry is aimed at children aged: 4-7

Jake’s World offers kids a fun and immersive experience to compliment the hit series Jake and the Never Land Pirates on Disney Junior. Jake’s World enhances children’s enjoyment of the show by inviting them to interact with Jake and his friends and discover a whole range of fun and magical features. As children play, they earn rewards, which can be used to enhance their game play and teach them the value of working towards a range of different goals.

Disney Infinity

Lead entry name: Disney

This entry is aimed at children and young people aged: 7-13

Disney’s largest and most ambitious video game, Disney Infinity launched in the UK on 23rd August 2013. The all new game platform unlocks the freedom to create stories and play experiences starring beloved characters from The Walt Disney Company and Pixar Animation Studios.
For the first time, players will place real-world interactive figures - characters, power discs and Play Set pieces - on a device called the "Disney Infinity Base" to activate original, story-driven adventures. 
Over time, Disney Infinity will continue to release additional characters and “Play Sets” that allow the interactive platform to constantly evolve. Players can create their own stories and customise their adventures combining characters from multiple Disney franchises, environments, gadgets, vehicles and more. 

Disney Infinity: Toy Box App

Lead entry name: Disney

This entry is aimed at children and young people aged: 7-13

Disney Infinity: Toy Box app allows players to build and edit Toy Boxes on their iPad. Similar to the console version, players have unprecedented freedom and endless opportunity to create stories and play experiences starring the beloved characters from Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios’ most popular franchises.

With the Disney Infinity: Toy Box app, players can be building and creating original content no matter where they are. Players have the ability to turn their iPad into a truly portable version of their own personal Toy Box, by transferring any Toy Box they create between their iPad and console, allowing them to continue right where they left off, from any connected platform. Players can sync their iPad Toy Boxes to their console game and then be able to unlock even more toys, props and themes. 

Category 3: Individual children or young people, or teams of up to 3 children (content for children aged 4 - 18)

Teen Talk

Lead entry name: Jude Rogers

This entry is aimed at children and young people aged: 5-14

I made this film to show people my age how important it is to be safe and show respect online. I wanted to use animation so people could be entertained but at the same time learn the important message it highlights. It is easy to have misunderstandings when using text, chat rooms etc. When you don't hear the person's voice it can be easy to get the wrong idea. I wanted to show how easily this can happen, even between friends.

My film already exists and was 2nd place in the Childnet Primary Film Category but I feel it gives a clear message in a fun way to children and young people who are starting to use the internet. The way we communicate today is different to when my parents grew up, but there isn't always enough advice on safe use aimed at young people. I love stop frame animation and think it's a great way to communicate to young people.

Category 4: School classes / youth groups (content for children aged 4 - 18)

The Anti Social Network - Eastlands Primary School

Lead entry name: Mrs J Corrigan

This entry is aimed at children aged: 7-11

The 'Anti Social Network,' created by our year 5 class, is a teaching and learning resource for primary children addressing the issue of cyberbullying. It draws particular attention to the criminal responsibility associated to inappropriate internet use or breaking the law from age ten. All children were fully involved in creating the film, using their knowledge and understanding of e-safety to generate ideas for the script to writing the song used to accompany images. 

Aunty Virus

Lead entry name: James Stevens

This entry is aimed at children and young people aged: 10 - 12

The message of this video is that words can hurt - this is shown by how 2 boys are insulting eachother online, and their messages become real creatures that come out of the screen and attack them. When the insults become too threatening "Aunty Virus" intervenes and lays down some rules for respecting each other online.

Batman vs. Cyberbullying

Lead entry name: James Stevens

This entry is aimed at children and young people aged: 10 - 14

A Lego animation where Robin encounters cyberbullying when he accepts a mysterious friend request. Using super hero characters to represent key concepts in a fun and accessible way. Robin represents a young victim, Two Face represents people who are two-faced online or groomers, and Batman represents the adult figure who should be notified of the incident.