Internet Watch Foundation (

Have you stumbled across something worrying online? Do you need to tell others where to report online content which might be criminal in nature?

The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) is the UK Safer Internet Centre's Hotline for reporting three specific types of online criminal content:

  • Child sexual abuse content – hosted globally
  • Obscene adult content – hosted only in the UK
  • Non-photographic images of child sexual abuse (such as computer-generated images) – hosted only in the UK.

If you’re concerned you’ve found online content which you think falls into one of these three categories, you can quickly, easily and anonymously make a report to the IWF through its website.

IWF analysts then assess every report made to them. If the report is assessed as being a child sexual abuse image or video, the IWF can work nationally and internationally to get this content removed. They also link into police, when the content is UK-hosted, to ensure any investigations can take place.

If the report is assessed as being ‘obscene’ under UK law, or a non-photographic image of child sexual abuse, and these are hosted in the UK, the IWF will work with the online industry to quickly get this removed and also share the information with police.