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Safer Internet Day Supporters 2015

Thank you to everyone who helped to create a better internet for SID2015. Find out more about what happened on the 10th February

  • Wycliffe College
    Wycliffe College

    Wycliffe College will be supporting Safer Internet Day 2015 in school with various activities in departments during the week, emails to parents and posters with key messages on our portal.

  • Classroom Secrets Limited
    Classroom Secrets Limited

    We have created lots of differentiated teaching resources all around e-safety. These are suitable for both teacher and parents all year round. Our resources include a quiz and guided reading packs.

  • GIB Consultancy
    GIB Consultancy

    I will be promoting Safer Internet Day 2015 during the safety talks which I deliver and on other occasions, where appropriate. I will also be promoting the day via blog post on my website.

  • The Phoenix Youth Centre
    The Phoenix Youth Centre

    We will run some of the resources you have shared in group work sessions for our junior,senior and parent groups. Our staff and volunteers will be trained and ready to support through this process .

  • Pentyrch Primary School
    Pentyrch Primary School

    At Pentyrch Primary School we have an activity day planned to celebrate Safer Internet Day. We are mixing up our classes in the afternoon so younger pupils can get advice and help from older ones.

  • Carlton Central Junior School
    Carlton Central Junior School

    We will have fun on the internet enjoying the positive things it has to offer. Whilst doing this, we will learn how to spot dangers and keep ourselves safe online, reinforcing, Think Before you Post.

  • Heathlands Primary School
    Heathlands Primary School

    The whole school community will be completing Safer Internet activities.

  • JT Global
    JT Global

    In store on the day we’ll encourage customers to come along and speak to our staff to find out more how they can keep their children safe where they’ll again show parents how to configure their routers and mobile phones.

  • Chapel Fields Junior School
    Chapel Fields Junior School

    On Internet Safety Day 2015, the children of Chapel Fields Junior School will be engaged in a variety of activities and discussions on how to use internet based devices appropriately and safely.

  • St Christopher's School
    St Christopher's School

    Our ICT Coordinator will hold a specialist whole school assembly, prepare brand new displays and we will provide information to parents to ensure we do our bit to 'create a better internet together'