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Safer Internet Day Supporters 2015

Thank you to everyone who helped to create a better internet for SID2015. Find out more about what happened on the 10th February

  • Corngreaves Academy
    Corngreaves Academy

    We will be taking part in a shared online assembly for Safer Internet Day, joining with other United Learning primary schools to share ideas, smiles and pledges.

  • Everton Nursery School and Family Centre
    Everton Nursery School and Family Centre

    We are celebrating Safer Internet Day by providing parents with resources available on the UKSIC Website and utilizing videos and quizzes to raise an awareness of internet safety from the Early Years.

  • National Children's Bureau (NCB)
    National Children's Bureau (NCB)

    We will be supporting Safer Internet Day through social media and working with colleagues at the Anti-Bullying Alliance to highlight how the internet can be a safer place for everybody.

  • Worle Community School
    Worle Community School

    Whole School Assemblies and Activities for Tutor Groups in the mornings.

  • Churchwood Primary Academy
    Churchwood Primary Academy

    We will be celebrating Safer Internet Day across the school through a range of exciting activities and workshops. We'll also be providing E-Safety workshops for parents and our wider community.

  • Risc IT Solutions
    Risc IT Solutions

    We're getting involved by spreading the word through our employees and UK network of Partners & Customers. We want to encourage them to join the conversation and keep internet safety front of mind!

  • Ashton Park School
    Ashton Park School

    During this week we are encouraging parents to have an open dialogue with their children about esafety issues. Children may not know that their activity can harm themselves and others online.

  • Priestlands School
    Priestlands School

    SID assemblies start the week for all students. This year's theme is being reinforced in ICT lessons and PSHCE. Year 10 students are distributing anti-cyberbullying leaflets. SID2015 pledges happening

  • homeDNAdirect

    At homeDNAdirect we will encourage our customers to use Internet safely. We will spread the word through our social media pages as well as put a note about SID 2015 in our email signatures.

  • Penydre highschool
    Penydre highschool

    To celebrate the day, Penydre is dedicating it’s assemblies to safer internet day, performing internet safety inspired drama lessons and encouraging pupils to create an internet safety campaign.