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Safer Internet Day Supporters 2016

Thanks to over a thousand organisations who played their part to help make SID2016 the biggest one yet. Find out more about what happened across the UK.

  • Townley Grammar School

    Townley Grammar School

    Our Digital Leaders are hosting a range of fun activities for students at lunchtime in our computing rooms. Each room will have a theme linked to the internet. Presentations will be given in forms.

  • TeachMeIT


    My classes regularly include an internet/password security session and I intend to raise this important aspect of computer awareness even further that day with tweets and posts.

  • Ernehale Juniors

    Ernehale Juniors

    We will be holding parent open lessons and assemblies. We also be having a celebration of work done in school as part of our news and media lessons.

  • Denny High School

    Denny High School

    We will be promoting this on our Social Media (Facebook/Twitter) as well as hopefully taking part in competitions/activities during the week of Safer Internet Day (particularly with our S1/S2 pupils).

  • Thanet District Council

    Thanet District Council

    At Thanet District Council we are organising a staff awareness session with a number of different workshops to promote online safety in the workplace and at home.

  • Samsung


    Samsung are supporting Safer Internet Day by spreading the message online; making sure parents have the know how to make their phones, tablets and devices safer for their kids to use.

  • JamCrackers'UK


    Our activities to support SID 2016 include: Social media awareness, spreading the word, posting safety tips, spreading the news to schools.

  • St Mary & St John CEVA Primary School

    St Mary & St John CEVA Primary School

    After a whole school assembly to introduce this year's theme, each class will take part in activities from the education pack on the website. A local radio DJ will also be coming to interview pupils.

  • DB Primary

    DB Primary

    We will be helping to celebrate Safer Internet Day by talking about the online safety features in our primary school learning platform, DB Primary, and engaging with the world online for the event!

  • St Edward's CE Academy

    St Edward's CE Academy

    Keeping our children safe is vital. We will be having a full school assembly on 'Safer Internet Use' and will be holding a parent forum in the evening for parents.