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Safer Internet Day Supporters 2015

Thank you to everyone who helped to create a better internet for SID2015. Find out more about what happened on the 10th February

  • All Saints Church in Wales Primary School
    All Saints Church in Wales Primary School

    The young people will be sharing their voices on the UK Safer Internet Centre’s ‘Up 2 Us’ film which will be premiered on Safer Internet Day.


    We will be running registration sessions, assemblies, advertisements on the video wall and digital signage and integrating the event into ICT lessons

  • Early Start Canberra Children Centre
    Early Start Canberra Children Centre

    We will be incorporating the key messages within our popular sessions in order to emphasise the importance of internet safety.

  • Horsforth Newlaithes Primary School
    Horsforth Newlaithes Primary School

    The children at Horsforth Newlaithes will be involved in the planning of Safer Internet Day. There will be lots of different activities happening throughout school to promote e safety.

  • homeDNAdirect

    At homeDNAdirect we will encourage our customers to use Internet safely. We will spread the word through our social media pages as well as put a note about SID 2015 in our email signatures.

  • The Stanway School
    The Stanway School

    We will be using the SID materials to run PSHE lessons for 25 minutes each morning all week for years 7, 8 and 9.

  • Calow Primary School
    Calow Primary School

    All pupils will be participating. Staff have planned activities to help pupils understand how to stay safe on the internet. This will link with our work with NSPPCC and their 'Share Aware ' campaign.


    Use activities from website on the day. Show slide show to whole school, discuss key ideas. Juniors collect internet questionnaires from pupils and use to make a presentation about their findings.

  • Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary School
    Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary School

    We kicked off with a whole school assembly and each class have lot's of fun activities to complete throughout the week to ensure we can create a Safer Internet.

  • LiveNet

    Supporting children, young people and adults with a learning disability and their carers through out Northern Ireland to use ICT in a safe, educational and fun way.