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Safer Internet Day Supporters 2016

Thanks to everyone who is helping to make SID2016 the biggest one yet. Find out more about how to get involved in SID2016 and register your support.

  • Northern Ireland OFMDFM

    Northern Ireland OFMDFM

    We will be helping mark Safer Internet Day with C2k, who are running a competition for school pupils to raise awareness of online behaviour called ‘Play your part for a better internet.'

  • BBC News School Report

    BBC News School Report

    BBC News School Reporters from schools all over the UK will be reporting on Safer Internet Day and other stories as part of School Report's February 'Practice News Day' via www.bbc.co.uk/schoolreport

  • 2bsafe


    We will be offering workshops in Internet Safety to people with learning disabilities. Working to make the net a safer place.

  • Arsenal in the Community

    Arsenal in the Community

    We will be celebrating Safer Internet Day through a programme of messages to our partner schools and directly with children attending Arsenal Double Club sessions.

  • BAL


    We are celebrating SID by creating posters signifying how to stay safe while browsing the internet.

  • St. Mary's CE Primary School, Boston Spa

    St. Mary's CE Primary School, Boston Spa

    We will be celebrating SID 2016 as a whole school, raising awareness of staying safe online whilst still having fun!

  • GIB Consultancy

    GIB Consultancy

    I will be celebrating Safer Internet Day 2016 by promoting it on my Organisational website and telling people all about it.

  • The Football Association

    The Football Association

    The Football Association supports SID 2016 and will play our part by promoting The FA's best practice guidance in the use of websites & social media across youth football.

  • Crawshawbooth Primary School

    Crawshawbooth Primary School

    We will be celebrating using the internet by learning more about how to be safe online in class and having an e-safety poster competition!

  • Popster


    We believe in a safe online experience! Spreading awareness through social media & in schools is how we will celebrate #SID2016 #mypopster