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Safer Internet Day Supporters 2016

Thanks to over a thousand organisations who played their part to help make SID2016 the biggest one yet. Find out more about what happened across the UK.

  • Dagenham and Redbridge FC

    Dagenham and Redbridge FC

    We will be preading the message on the Website, Facebook and Twitter.

  • Newquay Junior Academy

    Newquay Junior Academy

    We will be having two assemblies, are entering into the #SID2016 and #shareaheart campaign. Our digital defenders group are taking part in #esstips. After school club will be taking part in a week of E-safety activities.

  • Townhill Junior School

    Townhill Junior School

    Townhill Junior School will Dress up and School Council will choose the name of the day. Children, parents and teachers will participate in activities that raise awareness of Computer and Internet Safety.

  • The Scottish Government

    The Scottish Government

    We will use our online presence and position of Ministers to raise awareness of SID on social media, SG Child Protection site, and work with partners to identify activities to promote SID in Scotland.

  • Naturally Social

    Naturally Social

    We will be celebrating Safer Internet Day by hosting a drop in event for parents, leafleting at local community areas and sharing tips via our blog.

  • Vallis First School

    Vallis First School

    At Vallis we will be celebrating Safer Internet Day to help our pupils stay happy and safe when working online.

  • Cawthorne Primary School

    Cawthorne Primary School

    All classes will take part in a range of activities during E Safety Week and parents will also be sent information and links to help them keep their children safe online.

  • All Saints' Primary School

    All Saints' Primary School

    At All Saints' we will be continuing our work to raise awareness of online safety issues. We will be working with children, staff and parents. The main focus of the day will be a special assembly.

  • Hexham Priory School

    Hexham Priory School

    A range of activities that raise pupils' awareness about the need for internet safety and to equip them with skills to use to keep themselves safe. We will also be involving parents and carers.

  • Colne Primet Academy

    Colne Primet Academy

    Colne Primet Academy will be celebrating Safer Internet Day by organising a series of events throughout the week aimed at highlighting the importance of staying safe online.