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Safer Internet Day Supporters 2015

Thank you to everyone who helped to create a better internet for SID2015. Find out more about what happened on the 10th February

  • Ilford County High School
    Ilford County High School

    The whole school will have activities during lessons and form time. We also have an Internet Safety Day page on our school VLE.

  • E.ON

    E.ON is a Board Partner in Go ON UK and aims to empower everyone to reach their digital potential and to do it all safely! We will promote online safety to our 10000+ staff and share on social media.

  • Scottish Government
    Scottish Government

    Ministerial attendance at school on launch day of video and Scottish Government attendant news release, alongside additional promotion via Twitter

  • GirlingHughes Associates Ltd
    GirlingHughes Associates Ltd

    Presentation to all staff and children within an organisation

  • PhonepayPlus

    We will promote #SID2015 on our social media and website plus also running our annual PhoneBrain video competition in partnership with Childnet reaching out to children and parents across the UK.

  • Rhymney Comprehensive School
    Rhymney Comprehensive School

    We will be carrying out assemblies for each year group, parent consultations, and pupils will be creating their own Internet Safety pledges. We will also be delivering workshops on Sexting to pupils.

  • Sevenoaks District Community Safety Partnership
    Sevenoaks District Community Safety Partnership

    We will be promoting SID on our website, doing e-safety presentations in schools, providing an education pack for parents, tweeting, issuing a press release and promoting SMART.

  • Osbournby Primary sCHOOL
    Osbournby Primary sCHOOL

    Cross curricular activities related to internet safety, including drama, art, debates and special assemblies. Our newsletter will include internet safety information for our parent and carers.

  • Cybersmile

    The Cybersmile Foundation will be promoting Safer Internet Day across our plethora of positivity-packed social media channels & offering support to people of any age who are affected by cyberbullying.

  • Durham Constabulary
    Durham Constabulary

    We are hoping to run a series of internet safety awaress sessions with children and young people across County Durham and Darlington.