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Safer Internet Day Supporters 2016

Thanks to everyone who is helping to make SID2016 the biggest one yet. Find out more about how to get involved in SID2016 and register your support.

  • Whalton C. of E. Aided First School

    Whalton C. of E. Aided First School

    The children will participate in activities to promote and consolidate their understanding of how they can stay safe on the internet. They will share these messages with their families at home.

  • Wellstead Pri

    Wellstead Pri

    We will be providing a safer Internet week to make children aware and support them to stay safe on the Internet.

  • St John's Primary School

    St John's Primary School

    Whole school curriculum day with an assembly to launch then each class carrying out activities and tasks during the day to promote safer internet use.

  • St Matthew's Catholic Primary School Liverpool

    St Matthew's Catholic Primary School Liverpool

    We will be celebrating Safer Internet Day 2016 by organising another Online Safety Focus Week. Like last year our whole school community including parents will be invited to take part. Our planned activities include a drama production, assemblies, surveys and the publication of a school online saftey magazine.

  • Naace


    Naace are celebrating Safer Internet Day throughout our Office and also will be celebrating via Social Media to support this great day.

  • PhonepayPlus


    Blogging, emailing and social media support of SID 2016. Promoting PhoneBrain for children's safety when using mobile devices.

  • Leicester Partnership School

    Leicester Partnership School

    Gathering both staff and students together to guide them through safer web browsing and emphasising the importance of safeguarding one another.

  • Drove Primary School

    Drove Primary School

    At Drove Primary we will be celebrating Safter Internet day with an assembly, in class activities and work with our school E-Champions.

  • Old Park Primary School

    Old Park Primary School

    We will be spending the entire week on eSafety, with class based lessons, assemblies, poster competitions and sessions for Parents to understand modern video games and their content.

  • Pear Tree Community Junior School

    Pear Tree Community Junior School

    We will be holding information workshops for both students and families on Internet safety; a poster competition; lots of learning in the classroom and fun and exciting sessions on the iPads.